Quickly lose weight to leave

Quickly lose weightSo the time of rest approached, the vouchers for the sea were bought, a stylish bathing suit was put in a suitcase. Quickly lose weight to leave when we look at ourselves in the mirror, even with narrowed eyes the figure lost its former elasticity and spread out in form. Squint or not squint, but it’s a fact. Do not despair you need to take urgent measures to eliminate unnecessary weight!

First, it is necessary to remove from the body and excess fluid that not only spoils the shape of the figure, but also provokes many diseases.

Very good evaporates excess liquid from the body of a simple bath. On the eve of departure you need to visit the bathhouse at least three times. It is not necessary to sit in the steam room until exhaustion – perspiration continues after it exits. Take with you a herbal tea, infused on birch leaves, lime blossom, berries and raspberry leaves, strawberry, chamomile.

All these natural remedies have a cleansing effect and will help not only to remove excess liquid from the body together with the steam bath, but also to clean it from toxins. In between breaks in the steam room, drink herbal tea. And do not forget that sweating will last two hours after leaving the bath. At this time it is better to drink liquid, it is not recommended to eat.

Second, give up salt! Salt has the property of retaining moisture inside the body: Lose Weight for Leave Not without reason in a heat drinks salted water to protect an organism from dehydration. You should not only not salt food, but do not eat ready-made food with salt, for example bread! Otherwise, you risk negating all your visits to the sauna and the steam room.

Third, eat less and drink more. But you should not drink soft drinks (there are a lot of calories), and clean drinking water, up to eight glasses a day. To drink follows in small sips – it will knock down an extra appetite. Get a rule – the main meal should be before lunch.

Fruits seem to be non-nutritive, but it’s not. In kilogram of sweet cherry contains more than 200 calories. And bananas and grapes in general should be excluded from the menu, otherwise all your efforts to lose weight will be in vain. Also exclude everything sweet – no cakes, ice cream, cakes for dessert and sweets! Forget about it.

Any preserves, marinades, various semi-finished products should also be excluded from the menu. They do not benefit health and keep the body in excess water, from which we are trying to free ourselves.

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