How To Lose Weight After 40 Years?

How To Lose Weight After 40 YearsToday our site touch on a very important issue, which, it seems to us, will interest many women: “How to lose weight after 40 years?”. The question it’s very interesting and relevant. We will try to answer it as detailed as possible.

So, at 40, women are becoming more rational and sensible than young girls who can afford unremitting experiments with diets, and the body works quite differently. Therefore, the issue of weight loss should be approached with all the accrued luggage of life experience. Try all the diet in a row, with the words, and suddenly help – this is not our option. We will lose weight properly, focusing on the guaranteed result.

After 40, to trouble the body with harsh hunger strikes and a constant rejection of dishes so beloved for many years, in our opinion – it’s silly. In addition to stress, it will not work. If you want to lose weight after 40 years, then your main task is to reduce the number of calories consumed every day. For this you need, first of all, to create a diary of nutrition, in which you will celebrate everything that was eaten during the day. Do not palter yourself, write really everything you ate, even if you just tried it.

Observed yourself some days. You need to understand how much you eat calories per day, and what foods or dishes are most caloric.

Further all it’s easy. Calculate how many calories per day you need to consume, depending on your lifestyle. Now, if you want to lose weight, then for a while, reduce the number of calories, and use less than general. To do this, you can replace the most high-calorie foods with more healthy and low-calorie foods or reduce portions if you can not completely abandon the wonted diet. The less you eat calories a day, the more effective you will lose weight. But do not overdo it. It is better to lose weight slowly and smoothly.

It will be good if you yourself learn how to make a menu for the day, taking into account the calorie content of foods and your taste preferences, as well as lifestyle. But for clarity, we give an example of how your daily menu can look.

Sample menu

Breakfast: A glass of yogurt, natural yogurt or freshly squeezed juice, a sandwich with egg, cheese, avocado and tomatoes (a piece of low-fat cheese, one egg, ¼ avocado, several cherry tomatoes), one mandarin or grapefruit. A cup of coffee or tea without sugar. This is approximately 498 kcal.

Lunch: About 200 grams of low-fat yogurt, vegetable salad (lettuce leaves, ¼ tea cabbage, two grated carrots, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, canned green peas, barely walnuts, any light sauce for filling, you can sprinkle with lemon). If you do not overdo it with sauce, you will get about 470 kcal.

Dinner: Brown rice, half a glass of soybeans, broccoli (5-6 inflorescences), boiled or steamed, a little fried shrimp (medium size about 15 pieces). You can add a teaspoon of soy sauce, a little garlic, vegetable oil and ginger as a dressing. As a result, 493 kcal.

Snack in the day can be citrus (grapefruit, pomelo, orange), white or red grapes, but in small quantities, green apples, etc. to your taste buds. Nearly one can spend on this about 100 kcal.

Total as a result, during the day you will eat about 1574 kcal. This figure can be reduced or increased depending on your lifestyle and the wished for results.

Further, to maintain weight, also try to constantly monitor the caloric content of your diet and do not eat gradually above normal.

Helpful hints and tips

  1. Take the habit of always paying attention to their caloric content when buying any products. Consider the fact that on packages only the amount of calories is written for 100 grams, but the packaging itself can be much bigger.
  2. Pay attention to the composition of the products and their calorie content. Many people think that if the product contains little fat or a lower amount of sugar, it is accordingly more useful and less caloric. Very often it is not so. And such products can be very high-calorie.
  3. Always give partiality to healthier foods. For example, instead of simple bread, buy whole grains or cereals. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. They should make up about half of your daily diet. Drink large of pure water and herbal teas.
  4. It is good, if in your dishes only one fat product will be contained. Often they are the most high-calorie (cheeses, nuts, sauces, etc.). Also, because of the high caloric content, you should gently eat foods such as butter, rice and other cereals. It’s best if you remember which foods contain many calories, and will not eat them too much.
  5. Vegetable salads are very useful and low-calorie, but all will come to naught, if you fill them with fat mayonnaise. It is better if you use a liquid dressing that will well soak the salad and it will take much less. You can cook it from vegetable oil, lemon juice, soy sauce, vinegar, etc.
  6. The most important thing is to control your snacks. It is during these times that we often eat many unhelpful and high-calorie foods. It is better to use fresh fruits and snacks to eat fresh yoghurt or kefir, a small amount of dried fruits or nuts.
  7. Do not forget every day a little, but move. Go on foot, sign up for swimming, dancing, yoga or Pilates, try to do something. It will be good if you even just twist the hoop at home while watching your favorite show. And of course, do not forget about massage, wraps and other useful cosmetic process. They can be done at home or in beauty parlor. The main thing – regularly! Whatever one may say, after 40 years, the skin becomes less resilient and requires more attention to preserve beauty, especially if you lose weight.

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