How to Lose Weight In 3 Days Without Harm?

Weight In 3 Days Without HarmThe Internet is literally full of illustrated articles on how to “throw off 20 kg”, “get rid of fat”, “burn extra pounds.” And being compelled to “instantly” and “for a few days.” After all, we are used to the fast rhythm of modern life and are hungry for a quick result.

But good doctors are wary of the chance of rapid weight loss. To really get rid of excess weight and then keep the achieved result, you need a cardinal reorganization of nutrition and common lifestyle. Therefore, express diets, the creators of which promise to help you lose weight in 3 days by 3 kg or more, can be used in a restricted way. They are worthy for such cases, when the holiday is ahead or some important event, and you need to look as good as possible.

Contraindications for blitz-diets

Rapid weight loss for 3 days is exactly contraindicated to those who suffer from a stomach ulcer, pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), diabetes of both types. With caution, you need to lose weight with gastritis, heart disease, blood vessels. It is not an advice to use fast diets and people who easily fall into a depressed state.

Unloading days (mono-kits)

The essence of monody is that within two to four days only one, two or three, is used. To maintain such a diet, we need volition. Besides that, women every day have to cook for the family breakfasts, lunches, dinners.

However, the skill of unloading days is unquestionable. One should only not forget the rule: instantly after the completion of the diet, you can not even eat at least a week of flour (except for coarse bread), fried, sweet. Otherwise, the lost kilograms will hurry back again. Cereals, cabbage, dried fruits, watermelons, bananas, oatmeal, buckwheat, kefir can become a mono product.

Apple diet

Unloading days on apples will help you lose weight in 3 days for as much as 5 kg. You can Choose a juicy and not very sweet fruit. It is advisable that they are a local harvest since the fruits brought from away are covered with wax harmful to our liver.

  • Eat a day is advised not more than one and a half kilograms of apples.
  • The number of meals is three or four, the last at 7-8 pm.
  • Nutritionists are advised to supplement for the diet with 100 grams of animal protein per day. It can be chicken meat, low-fat cottage cheese, white fish, egg. Such an additive will allow to keep up good health, not to harm the body.

It’s better not to gnaw apples just like that, but bake them in the oven or cook mashed potatoes. Coffee, tea, carbonated drinks should be excluded. It will be ideal to sit these days on the water.

Cucumber diet

This diet is suitable for the summer months. Unloading days on cucumbers will not only allow you to lose weight but also normalize the water-salt balance in the body, launder the skin. There are two ways to cucumber mono-diet.

  • The main dish is a salad of chopped cucumber with greens and dressing of sour cream. To them is added a slice of black bread. The first meal – at 12 – 13 p.m. The second – at 16 – 18 hours. The third – at 19 – 20 hours at night you can eat just one apple.
  • Cucumbers are also used in the form of salad, but refueled with sunflower oil and divided into 5 receptions. For lunch and dinner, one hard boiled egg is eaten.

Cottage cheese diet

Those who speculate how to lose weight in 3 days, you can recommend and cottage cheese diet. There are fewer calories in cottage cheese, but there are plenty of proteins and quite a lot of microelements and vitamins.

You can lose weight on curd in the following ways.

  1. Only cottage cheese. Approximately 1 kg per day is eroded. The optimal regime is 200 g every three hours, only five times a day.
  2. 100 grams of fresh, low-fat cottage cheese are eaten four times a day. Each serving is supplemented with bran from wheat. A couple of teaspoons of bran should be poured into boiling water, drain the liquid after half an hour. You can add a little bit of honey to the curd.
  3. You can lose weight on yogurt and cottage cheese. The food is taken 5 times a day, each time you need to eat 120 grams of cottage cheese and drink a glass of yogurt.

Therapeutic starvation

Despite the “extreme” name, such a diet is just a gentle way to cleanse the body and naturally lose weight.

Lose weight for 3 days for as much as 10 kg, of course, will not work – if only because such a result without harming yourself at all is not attemptable. But 2 – 4 kg should go.

  • First day

During the entry into starvation, products with animal protein are excluded: fish, meat, cottage cheese, seafood, dairy. It is also wished to refuse from legumes.

Optimal start the day with a cup of herbal tea or apple, carrot, beet juice (freshly squeezed). The intake of food will consist of fruits, stewed or boiled vegetables. You can eat a handful of sunflower seeds. Dinner – no later than seven in the evening. Before going to bed, you must take a warm bath.

  • Second day

Only boiled water is allowed. At a time, no more than half a liter is drunk. The total amount of water is 4 liters. Drink follows a glass – two every half hour.

To make it easier to withstand starvation, it is better not to go into the kitchen, warn domestic. In the evening, a bath is taken.

  • The third day

Begin to eat a little bit: drink in the morning green, herbal tea, for a second breakfast squeeze juice. For other meals suitable raw vegetables and fruits. Slag will bring out a salad “Metelka” from fiber-rich cabbage, carrots, beets.

How to lose weight fast without dieting

Absolutely you can lose weight without diets and lose 2 – 4 kg for three days, too, you can (though, fat and fried foods still should be limited). In this case, the main assistant, of course, will be sporting.

Every morning you need to start with a charge, which is 20 to 30 minutes. Very useful stretching exercises. Press, push-up from the floor 25 – 30 times, you can more.

In the evening, you need to perform jumping on the rope for about 20 minutes, turning the hoop for half an hour (this activity can be attached, for example, with watching a movie).

It’s also very good if there is time for a sauna or a sauna. Steam room helps the body to clear itself of all kinds of toxins, improves metabolism.

Most of the nutritionists advise using enemas as an additional means for losing weight at home. The best time for this process is until 8 am or 7 – 8 pm.

Lose weight with such exercises will be only 2-3 kilograms. But the result will be saved for a long time.


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