Golden Rules Of Losing Weight Do Not Do These 5 Things

Lose WeightSo, you are serious about attaining your ideal shape and looking at the toughest diets and pieces of training. Do not make a Tips! On the rules of weight loss, which will help to achieve results and not to harm the body – in our article.

Slimming rules

The changes are complex, that’s why it’s best to do everything gradually, changing one’s habits one after another, says Tori Tedrow, a nutritionist, chief nutritionist at SugarChecked. Even when you find a nutrition plan that you seem to be able to follow, it’s very easy to get off course – especially at first. So at the beginning of the path to the ideal body, beware of these frequent Tips.

Exclude certain foods from the diet

Or even whole groups of food. If you are going to wave goodbye by hand to milk or gluten, it can be a big Tips. Attempts to displace food from your menu, if you do not have allergies on them, can lead to unexpected results. You know everything about the forbidden fruit, so in your inflamed consciousness a piece of cheese can turn into nectar and ambrosia, says Adina Pearson, a nutritionist at the Walla Walla clinic in Washington. Worse, the resulting deficit increases the risk of uncontrolled attack on the tidbits of food under the sanctions – and overeat.

Ignore the signals of hunger

Tell me, did you feel hunger in half an hour after the diet lunch? As you see, trying to control the size of a serving is not always a good idea. Instead of blindly following other people’s rules, try to listen to your sense of fullness, Pierson advises. Feeling deprived of anything can confuse even the most determined of us. Eat to saturation, and not following someone else’s idea of how much you should consume, says the expert. – Be flexible and vary depending on your own needs.

You are quite capable of following a certain diet or exercise plan without rushing headlong on the first day, says Edwina Clark, nutritionist, chief nutritionist at Yummly. Enter them into your life in stages. We appreciate your enthusiasm, but long-term weight loss is associated with the gradual addition of new habits that you can maintain for years, Clarke says. Add them with the periodicity that will be convenient for you. For example, first increase the number of exercises in training, and as soon as you get used to this regime, take care of changes in nutrition. This may take several months.

Cooking or exercising instead of sleeping

To begin to train and eat in a new way, often it takes a lot of time and effort. If you suddenly find that you sacrifice sleep, in order to be in time, – stop it. During sleep, the hormones of hunger and satiety come to balance, the muscles are restored, explains Carolyn Apovian, director of the Boston Medical Center’s nutrition and weight control center. Plus, if you do not get enough sleep, it will be harder for you to control yourself and resist the many temptations. Studies have even shown that people with a lack of sleep consume an average of 385 calories per day more than usual.

Choose a workout by the number of calories burned

During the run, calories burned, perhaps more than in the yoga room, but if you do not like running, you are likely to miss training. And you will not lose a single kilogram. Always include at least one of your favorite exercises in the class, advises Tedrow. – And remember dancing on your beloved Zumba regularly, 3-4 times a week, you will spend more calories than forcing yourself a couple of times a week to hate Body Pump.

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