How does a fat enough fruit with losing weight?

 fruit with losing weightAccording to research by American food safety experts, frequent use of avocado in food intake leads to a decrease in the concentration of fats in the abdominal area. But since the avocado itself is saturated with vegetable fats, it is necessary to clearly determine its proportions used for food. Avocado is recommended for use in various salads. The daily portion of the use of pulp is half the fruit, since 100 grams of pulp contains 230 kilocalories.

The fruits of avocado can be combined in dishes with red fish. They serve well for vegetarian sushi. In connection with high nutritional status, they can completely replace eggs and meat in cold dishes. One of the most delicious dishes from avocado is called guacamole, which is a puree of ripe pulp with the addition of juice of lime and salt. To its taste, the avocado resembles a puree of ordinary butter with greens with nutty aroma, so it can be safely used when cooking a delicious and healthy sandwich.

Using avocados, you can not only lose weight, but also pull up the aging skin, thus undergo the process of rejuvenation, which is influenced qualitatively by the high content of vitamin E. The presence of potassium causes the maintenance of the elasticity of the skin and blood vessels, provides anti-rhythmic processes in the body. Glutathione – the strongest antioxidant, prevailing in the avocado, provides enrichment of the body with oxygen, adding to it additional energy.

Thus, eating fruit that is useful on all sides leads to a complete recovery and support of a weakened body. In addition, the received energy adds the desire to move more, to live a busy life. Getting all the necessary nutrients can give up everyday prepare yourself something exotic, uplifting.

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