For Weight Loss with Grapefruit Juice? The New Study Adds Weight to The Idea

Weight Loss The next time you go to a hamburger or pizza with pepperoni, you may want to consider brushing with a glass of grapefruit juice. A study conducted at the University of California, Berkeley, researchers found that mice that drank their fill of grapefruit juice with added sugar gained less weight on a diet high in fat than their counterparts who drank sweetened water. Mice juice drink as the best indicator of metabolic health, including blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity.

The findings, published Wednesday in the journal slaps one, come with several caveats. The study was paid for by the California grapefruit production cooperative. But researchers at Berkeley, department of nutritional sciences and toxicology, university, insisted that entered the study with great skepticism. I was surprised by the results, lead author of the study, in a statement from the university. Even we have revised our glucose sensor calibration, and got the same results over and over again.

In addition, the study was small, with each combination of diet, liquids and other nutrients in the mouse, only six test groups. However, the results may help explain why the grapefruit is often presented in fad diets. After eating a high-fat meal for 100 days, the mice are weighed grapefruit juice drink 18.4 percent less than in mice that are sweetened drinking water.

After 100 days, the mice that had a better metabolic health juice consumption than those who drank the same number of calories as sugar water. They had lower fasting blood sugar better insulin sensitivity and reduce the level of triglycerides in the liver. In a subsequent experiment, the researchers allowed to become obese mice before the grapefruit juice that was introduced. After 55 days, the mice weighed grapefruit juice drink 8 percent less than in mice that drank water, and there were signs of improvement in metabolic function.

It is not clear why grapefruit juice promotes weight loss. However, researchers found that mice who drank juice decreased expression of a protein involved in the regulation of metabolism, so that there may be some changes in grapefruit as the body produces and stores fat.

The researchers also caution that grapefruit and grapefruit juice may affect the body’s ability to absorb certain medications. This list includes some types of drugs taken to control cholesterol levels, blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias, allergies and anxiety, the office of the food and drug administration. The problem is serious enough that scientists are trying to create a hybrid of pommel, it is safe to take with medications.

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