How to lose weight in the winter?

Winter Lose weightUntil now, one of the most effective ways to lose weight in the winter check and not a diet. I have a lot of them, and each of them has its own particular system. To select the most suitable for you, you must know in advance the characteristics of automated systems, and possibly try a few of them for you. Examples of the most popular diets of women with whom they can achieve the desired result as soon as possible. Before you go on a diet, learn to lose weight without dieting.

Advantages and disadvantages of vegetable diets

Let’s start with a vegetable diet. I do not need to convince anyone that vegetables are good for the body. Since childhood, we know that they are a source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients and are the foundation of a healthy diet.

The essence of the vegetable diet is the fact that in a week you need to remove from its menu all the products for vegetables and potatoes in any form, except for the cases. This is due to the fact that the potato starch contains a large amount, which does not contribute to weight loss. A more varied your diet, as well as all kinds of nutrients you can get. However, remember that the total amount of food you eat, should not exceed 1.5 kg per day.

Fruit diet benefits

Fruit diet, you guessed it, includes fruits. This is one of the most popular among the fairer sex, because what could be better than eating delicious fruit and lose weight in the winter as well.

In addition to the vitamins in the fruit contains a large number of fibers. What is the reason for the effectiveness of a fruit diet. Fiber not only helps you burn fat by speeding up metabolism in the body, but also deprives it of accumulated toxins. It also reduces the feeling of hunger, do not let you eat too much. Fruit diet lasts a week. At the same time, you can eat all fruits (except bananas and grapes, which are considered high in calories) in unlimited quantities, but there is too much in the end, it should not be.

The principles of high-protein diets

But the fiber supply is substantially different from those described above. If you lead a very active life and for those who are exposed to high physical loads, it is recommended not to use the first two diets are suitable for people who are on a diet.

The idea is to increase the level of protein in the diet rich in proteins in the body, but also reduce the amount of carbohydrates. In the absence of fractionation process in carbohydrates fat, it is converted into energy, which leads to loss of kilograms.

During protein diet are allowed to eat meat and fish, but only boiled or steamed. Apart from protein diet it is believed that during this period the person does not feel weakness and lethargy. Stick to protein diet is recommended no more than seven days, after which you need to take a break, returning to a normal diet.

With a low-fat diet: a good choice for weight loss in the winter

The safest and easiest diet low in fat. In one of its name, you can see which products are included in the diet menu. You can eat almost anything, preferring foods low in fat. If the meat, chicken or turkey, cooked without skin, if the fish, only a variety of low fat dairy products, low fat, where fruits are low in calories.

During a diet low in fat, you can eat candy, but at least most innocuous and only as jellies, candies, and marshmallows. Adhering to this diet, you can permanently, but if you find it difficult to engage in a favorite treat, rather than draining week, adhering to the diet.

Rations for the cold season

For the diet has brought the greatest benefit and the least problems, you need to focus not only on your personal preferences, wishes and characteristics, but also the time of year.

In the summer, the best option would be a diet of fruits and vegetables, because now a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables will be more profitable for them, for the cold season offers the most suitable protein and low in fat.

We all understand that the winter fruits and vegetables are not as useful, but because of the cold and the body needs strength and energy to fight with various viruses.

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