5 new ways to lose weight

lose weightThe new lose weight trends will help you have a healthy body enviable and in less time and with amazing results. Find out what these techniques are about.

Electro fitness

With this exercise you get to the deeper muscle layers of the body where the most difficult to eliminate, with the help of a training vest giving stimuli to muscles to activate fat is, you burn calories while doing cardio.

With just 20 minutes of exercise you can feel that you spent an hour and a half training.

We ballet fitness

It is a new workout inspired by the classic ballet that tones and strengthens the body. This new technique for lose weight is a combination of cardio, strength and endurance adapted to the movements of classical dance beats elevate and transform the body. The ballet we fitness improves flexibility, coordination and balance in the body.

Power jump

This exercise is highly recommended if you are a person who does a lot of physical activity, since it is easy, fun and very effective. It is characterized by the use of simple combinations of movements accompanied by the best playlist.

Fit bare

This exercise includes pilates and fitness exercises, this training the body holistically you exercise paying attention not only to the strengthening of the muscles, but also posture and body balance. The work is of low impact and does not force the joints.

Water rower

This training is a perfect choice if you want to improve your fitness and lose weight. It is a simulator that replicates the practice of rowing in water where your body will work 80% of muscle mass, more than in any other exercise!

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