Diet is seven woes, one answer

Diet tipsThe diet should be reasonable and balanced. And that is important you need to avoid fanaticism and be guided by common sense alone. It is known that any diet has both negative and positive aspects, and the universal diet that suits everyone, no one has yet invented.

However, this is not a reason for despair: in fact, thanks to the efforts of a compound of ancient knowledge and the latest discoveries in science, there was a wide variety of diets from which to choose the most optimal for themselves.

Especially popular diets are on the eve of the Christmas holidays and before the summer holidays, when there is a burning desire to look good. It should be remembered that you can pay for a slender suddenly surging too high a price, which will not go to any comparison with the pleasure of furore produced by your stunning forms on others.

Terms of fission

American Dr. Richard Shelton proposed a system of power in which the potatoes in any case should not be on the same plate with meat, bread and announced antagonists butter, put the tomato omelet and buns forever lost the right to drink milk. Connecting protein and carbohydrate foods at one dinner equated it almost a mortal sin.

This theory is not found on a reliable scientific basis: because the body releases enzymes to digest both proteins and carbohydrates. However, this kind of diet people really lose weight and can keep it in the right framework. True, the body can not fully absorb the already mixed feed to which was used for centuries. Also, there is a possibility to make such trouble, as diarrhea and indigestion due to violation of the microflora of the digestive system. Not to mention the fact that a separate food does not quite fit into the rhythm of modern life, especially in big cities. However, this method is good for initial weight correction very full of people.

Revolution and the Kremlin stars

In his book, The revolution in nutrition Robert Atkins allow thirsty harmony of people to absorb everything that is strictly forbidden to use the adherents of other diets: meat of all kinds, mushrooms, eggs, dairy products, cheese, butter and other sources of protein and fat, which are designed to replace are carbohydrates. This anathema was put sweets, fruits, vegetables, bread, cereals and their other counterparts. Such a diet soon became extremely popular throughout the world and in our country it is mysteriously called Kremlin diet. Points in the Kremlin diet – a Russified form of low-carbohydrate Atkins ideas. We must pay tribute to Mr. Atkins: weight is reduced rapidly and steadily, and there is no hunger, there is no. However, in addition the body gets kidney disease, metabolic disease, gout, liver suffers from an avalanche of fat, and the immune system is weakened. Carbohydrate hunger immediately affects memory, attention, emotional mood.

Call of blood

It is worth to separate the wheat from the chaff, as many mixed two completely different diet for blood. One of them is based on individual food intolerance, which is detected by a blood test. This property of the organism as a whole suggests that is not the regular absorption of bedtime chocolates, cakes or pasta is the reason wreathed waist and rare snack squash, apples, cucumbers, tomatoes and other seemingly harmless products. Others – supply system Adamo Dr. – he argues that the four human blood groups is none other than as a result of the evolution of the diet of our ancestors. Therefore, the hunters with the first group of blood should be lean meat and protein delicacies, farmers in the second group have to like vegetarian dishes, nomads third prefer dairy products, but the owners of a new – fourth – groups can indulge in any nothing but eat in moderation. Otherwise, the theory goes, the antibodies in the blood will start a protracted war with the foreign proteins, and all this will be accompanied by the assimilation of poor quality food. Righteousness’ sake is to say that any restriction of the consistent food and the elimination of fried, smoked, fat (which is necessary for any of blood groups) will lead to weight loss and improve metabolism. If we talk about the scientific basis of this theory, most scientists have found a direct link with the blood meals of our ancestors, and the statement on the conflict of antibodies to proteins in principle unscientific. After all, food protein breaks down into amino acids, which is absolutely for antibodies to one person.

The Japanese diet

Inspired by the way is always tightened lean Japanese (except sumo wrestlers who adhere to the fat diets), the Europeans and the Russians are enthusiastic sound of the Japanese diet. You need to eat breakfast of black coffee and fresh carrots with lemon juice, and lunch and dinner of boiled chicken, beef, fish, boiled eggs, carrots and zucchini, occasionally allowing himself tomato juice, fruit, cheese and yogurt. But you need to drink coffee as often as possible.

Such a diet is easy to eliminate the five kilograms of excess weight in two weeks and significantly reduces appetite, due to which the ill-fated kilos do not return immediately after the completion of the course. However, stick to a diet may be only a very disciplined people, besides it is deficient in protein, calcium, vitamins C and B. In addition, a large number of coffee gives you a weighty burden on the heart.

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