Tightening the abdomen and sides Exercise

 abdomen and sides ExerciseTightening the abdomen and sides Exercise helps to fix not only the press, but the body and hands, and a few involve the muscles of the legs.

Double twist

Lie on the back, lift the bent leg at a right angle so that the calves are parallel to the floor. Put her hands behind her head on the back of the head, elbows breed apart. Breathe. On the exhale, leaving the floor at first the head, neck and shoulder blade, and then the priest. Detained in this position for a few seconds and return to the original, then we perform the same movement but in the reverse order.

Raising the body and hands

This exercise is also performed on the floor. Lay on her back, legs straight, joined, socks stretched away. Try to maximize your lower back pressed to the floor. Inhale and pressed his chin to his chest (the back is rounded slightly). Hands pull forward and begin to rise slowly, twisting stomach and keeping hands parallel to the floor. Exhale at the moment when the blades come off the floor and up to the moment until they sit flat (housing perpendicular to the legs). It is important not to take your chin on chest and legs off the floor at the moment of lifting the body, otherwise you can stretch your muscles.


The first version of the exercise is performed standing up. Bend your left elbow and right knee, and attracted to each other until they touch. Keep your back straight, not curled. Now bend the left leg at the knee and pull to the right elbow. Make 25 times on each side.

The second variant of this exercise is performed lying on the floor. In this position, the back can be rounded. The most convenient way to do exercise at the output. To complicate the problem, try to straighten the legs and keep them perpendicular to the floor and elbows alternately reach to the knees.

Bending legs on weight

For the exercises require a bench or stool. Sit comfortably in a chair, so that you can keep your hands on its base or legs. Lean back slightly (a chair with a back can not go), raise your legs and bending, tighten them to the sternum, and then straighten your legs, but leave them suspended. Repeat this exercise 12-15 times.

An analogue of the exercises can be performed in the vise on the bar or relying on gymnastic bars. Lock your hands on the bar a comfortable grip, bend your legs and pull them up. For convenience, you can make a push legs bent back, it would create the inertial field and help pull up the legs to the chest with less effort. Perform 15-20 times.

Triple slope

Take a comfortable position standing position, but so that your feet have been placed in the hand. Now, do tilt the body and the hands alternately, not rising to the left foot to the center, to the right leg, then straightened up and raised his hands above his head. Now again we omit the hands of the foot, but now the right foot, then in the center and the left leg up, put your hands on the belt. Do 30 times.


For the study of the lower abdomen area useful exercise known since childhood. We went back. Legs raised perpendicular to the floor. In classical birch followed tear lower back off the floor and support the back of your hands until the legs will stretch up to 50 believe, go down. There is an option more difficult position of his feet raised up, torn off the lower back from the floor as much as possible without using their hands, go down and torn off again, and so 10-12 times. In order not to overextend your back strain in the separation of the press and make compensating Stretch waist when done approach.

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