The fight against obesity

obesity The bitter truth is that in our way of life, we just have to be thick. We have too little move here is the result in the form of fatty foods It would seem simple to lose weight. They stop eating, and all the works! But where, then, to take energy for trainings? Deficiency of food calories automatically means lack of energy, and thus, a low, almost zero, the effectiveness of the training.

No, fitness demands a completely different recovery casual dining. There was no starvation! All you need is to add to your diet small, but fundamental changes. For a couple with the training  they fundamentally alter your figure.

The Nachni head thing is that we all eat, either because it is meal time, or submitting an intuitive push. And in fact, in both cases the meal occurs unconsciously. We offer a fork to his mouth, talking with a friend, or unwrap candy, thinking about something else, an outsider. What’s so surprising overeating? The secret of success of women who have managed to lose weight, here is what they have mastered what is called mindful eating. This is the main rule: listen first, then eat. The idea is to focus entirely on the taste of the food, its smell and even color, and listen to your stomach.

Try it, and you are surprised to feel how the stomach is talking to you, giving you only the audible signals, here I would probably eat another bite, but this I do not want to . Communicate with your stomach, as a living companion. Got candy? Straight and ask: if you want? And listen to the answer. Practice this way for a week, and you fundamentally changed the nature of their power. It turns out that most of the snacking your stomach is not needed, as well at the table you will eat at least one-third less

Action plan

Do not be lazy every time to understand their subjective feelings. Do you really need to refuel or you pulled a snack for the company? Or maybe you have poured myself another cup of coffee simply by inertia? Stop! There are two extra spoons of sugar!

Make for yourself a nutrition program. Taking into account your lifestyle, schedule and training. For example, on the day of an evening workout somewhere at 5 pm right at your desk should be protein snack tiles. But in a day of rest do not need.

Rule To lose weight you should at least in general terms to represent the biological mechanism of weight gain. In this sense, the main hormone for you – insulin. After the meal the blood is dangerous thickens. The pancreas secretes insulin, and he cleans the blood sugar. Part excess insulin delivery into the muscle cells, and the residue was converted into fat. If you do not exercise, the muscles need to sour fuels is minimal. This means that almost all the excess blood sugar is converted into fat and set aside under the skin. Important for you to remember the following. The more you eat, the more insulin is highlighted. But the more the release of insulin, the more fat will be postponed. Overheating occurs when a person eats seldom through 4 to 5 hours. Hence an important conclusion: to reduce the secretion of insulin should eat little and often.

All carbohydrates are divided into simple and complex . Keep in mind that simple carbohydrates (which are found in sweets, biscuits, bread, Coca-Cola and other soft drinks) are easily digested and provoke a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. And it will respond by increased secretion of insulin. We need complex carbohydrates – vegetables, cereals, brown rice, whole wheat bread, legumes, fruits. They are digested slowly and in addition contain fiber (chopped vegetable structures like stalks of grain or shells). But even more fiber slows the absorption of carbohydrates. Insulin is released quite minimum. If you forget about the simple carbohydrates and will be taken to the daily diet in the complex, the state guaranteed to lose weight without dieting.

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