The muscles tighten and burn fat

Burn fatMany visitors of fitness clubs does not like weight training. Yes, they know that muscle is important to tone the muscles – this slender legs, chest high and back straight, which is very, very beautiful. But time is not always enough, and the number one goal to lose weight, here are the girls and click on aerobic classes.

However, recently scientists have found an effective way to both muscles tighten, and burn the hated fat. The concept is simple: it is necessary to minimize the time of rest between sets.

And then the wound during your workout your metabolism will work in enhanced mode, burning fat calories for at least another day. Not understood? Then detail. Each of us has their own biological clock. They metered heart rate at rest, respiratory rate, the rate of renewal of the skin, hair, nails, blood filtration in the liver, fat burning and energy for the benefit of others. In short, everything that is called metabolism.

In this sense, someone a bit ‘faster’ lives, someone a little slower. However, all exercise dramatically accelerates metabolic reactions. It would seem that this effect is temporary. In fact, the heart beats faster and you breathe hard, but how much time that everything came back to normal? Meanwhile, not all so simple. In particular, the use of fat (fat burning) is accelerated more than a day. This means that the faster you accumulated fats consumed, and those that you have eaten, burned before being deposited under the skin will have time.

It may be objected that, say, fat calories after weight training burns more really, but by itself, this gain may be trifling. But aerobics – is quite another matter. It spins exchange who what! With strength training, and cannot be compared! There is some truth. Strength training performed with traditional 3-minute breaks between sets, give the acceleration of metabolism is twice lower than aerobics. But that’s the sensation is that a break in one minute increases this figure by 1.8 times, IE, closer to the performance of the aerobic session! That will allow you to tighten and the muscles and burn fat.                               

  • These techniques will help you further increase the intensity of metabolism after exercise.
  • Combine exercises per muscle group supersets, or integrated sets.
  • Every 3-4 weeks follow a circular exercise all muscles of the body
  • Buy an MP3 Player (iPod) and with the help of a friend-programmer to create a single workout soundtrack of tunes in the desired rhythm
  • Buy a watch with a second hand ,conventional, running around in circles. In such a clock to keep track of the holiday much more convenient
  • Transfer training session in the morning. This will be useful in two ways. The metabolic effect of a morning workout above, and in the hall of little people – no distractions

Thus, without prejudice to the weight loss, you can throw aerobics (or reduce it to 15-20 minutes of warm-up before strength training and cool down after). Instead, you’ll perform strength exercises at a rapid pace, tracking minute rest between sets with a stopwatch. As a result, you get a beautiful figure and liquidate the fat deposits.

Know, weight training should be serious. It would seem that while reducing the rest they need to make it easier, but no! Weight should be such that you can overpower 8-10 reps per set, no more!

Initially, training will seem unbearably heavy. This is due to the fact that the high rate training causes excessive muscle accumulation of so-called lactic acid. Your body has yet to learn how to remove this metabolic waste at the correct speed. However, this habit sooner or later. In any case, first you need a preparatory period of a month and a half. Here the train is better in two or even three days. When you get comfortable with the new technique, skip to the split workout every other day.

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