How to tighten the stomach after weight loss

 tighten the stomach Extreme weight loss at a rapid pace can bring a lot of discomfort but joy. For example, because of the weight loss rate of the turbo, the skin does not have time to adapt to change and result in unsightly folds formed in the abdomen. It would be very sad if nothing can be done. Fortunately, we know how to tighten the stomach after weight loss, and you will tell.

Chesham in the right direction

Brush with natural bristles can work wonders. In order to improve the condition of your skin and help it catch up, it is necessary to apply the technique of dry massage only 3-5 minutes each day.

As a result, the skin will not only look younger and tighten, but will glow from within as to get rid of dead skin flakes in the upper layers. For dry massage need to hand brush with natural bristles, if this is not found, it can be temporarily replaced by a dry bath towel, but the effect will be weaker.

Take the brush in hand and begin to comb it yourself in the direction of the toes to the knees, from the knees to the thigh. First one leg in front and behind (in the same way from the heel to the thigh and up to the buttocks), then the other leg. No matter what you are concerned about only the skin on the stomach, start with the feet, to accelerate the flow of lymph. Movements are performed only in the direction from the bottom up. Just comb and belly from the groin to the chest, from the waist to the shoulder blades. Direction is also only from the bottom up. Doing massage, you should always move in the direction of the lymph nodes (from the legs – to the groin, the hands and abdomen to the armpits). Such dry combing helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and skin start the process of self-renewal, 3-5 minutes each day will suffice.

Turn around

For those who need funds pointensivney, we can offer cold wraps at home. Choose a cream with the addition of algae or a lifting effect, causes, wrap film, put on a jacket warmer, and go about their business. After half an hour – an hour, remove, wash off. Do at least once every two days.


On the properties of the skin to be tightened well affect contrasting compresses, it is the most intrusive option contrasting procedures. For those who have the strength of will, may come and contrast douche. First, warm water and then cold as 2-3. Very invigorating. For compresses using 2 identical cutting cloth or small towel, bowls with warm and cool water. In cold water you can add a few ice cubes, if you do the procedure in the summer. Towels soaked in water and applied to the skin for 2-3 minutes, alternating cold and heat.

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