How to lose weight at home?

 lose weight at homeNutritionists argue that obesity, which is daily affecting hundreds of people from infancy to the senile age, disease is not only endocrine, digestive systems, but also, and perhaps primarily, a psychological nature.

Because many patients suffering from overweight, admit that they have seen in food (and, appetizing only in appearance and in most cases, harmful) only joy in life, whose image in the age of information technology (when through the Internet can be and work, and to learn, and buy products without leaving home) becomes less mobile. Accordingly, consuming energy (calories), laziness does not allow a person to spend it fully while the assimilation of mineral vitamins.

It is not difficult to understand that with a great desire, willpower and patience is not necessary to attend medical facilities – can be qualitatively and lose weight at home. However, homemade weight loss – a heavy moral and physical test for the body – means uncompromising and self-limiting due to their crisp execution.

Initially, it is necessary to establish the correct mode of a healthy and balanced diet that does not accept the cruel starvation, but only reduce the amount of food by increasing the meal. So, to lose weight at home, for example, during the holidays, you need to eat 4-6 times a day, but strictly to 18.00 and in small portions, which, firstly, facilitate the work of the stomach, normalize digestion and stabilizes the metabolism and water Second, do not allow the body to feel the painful feelings of hunger.

But none of meals should not be represented by the so-called harmful food: products «fast-food» (french fries, hamburgers, grilled chicken, pies, pasties, shawarma, donuts, etc.). that, as tempting masterpieces of confectionery art (cakes, pies, cookies, candy, kazinak and so on. d.), consist of hard digestible animal trans fats (the abdomen and thighs), flour products (bread, rolls, .. pasta, etc., is  allowed bread, crackers, Rye bread with bran); semi-finished products and sausages, including smoked, with a minimum content of natural meat, poultry or fish fillets and exceeding standards flavor enhancers, smell.

Contribute to the completeness and the deterioration of health seem at first glance, even the useful genetically modified foreign vegetables and fruits (better to buy gifts of nature, of local origin), packaged juices and milk products, which is impregnated with chemicals for long-term storage, and sodas that violate the acid-base high concentration of citric balance acid.

These products should be excluded without compunction from the menu, which is filled with uniquely useful, nutritious, energy-grains: oats, buckwheat, rice, barley, wheat, corn, barley and other cereals diet valuable fiber, destroying the accumulated fats and toxins and prevents their formation.

Therefore, the right breakfast slimming necessarily includes porridge without sugar (allowed to add honey), salt, milk, butter (permissible vegetable oil), as well as boiled egg fruit or vegetable salad, and possibly Fresh. After a busy carbohydrate breakfast (1st and 2nd) is a dinner filled with protein food: lean (no salt, spices, oil, mayonnaise), boiled chicken, beef or fillet of lean fish with fresh salad or cooked vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, beets, cabbage) and legumes (beans, peas) and a compote of dried fruits, green tea without sugar, yogurt (you can leave in the afternoon).

By the way, the liquid during the day must come at a rate of not less than 2 liters. Dinner is desirable to make a tasty and satisfying, with a useful and easy on the stomach with the help of fat-free yogurt with a few nuts and fruits (without sugar and cream) and kefir or yoghurt.

It is worth remembering that you cannot violate or exceed the number of meals the norm, because overeating immediately increase the weight. To prevent wild and super-fast eating food, you should eat slowly, gradually saturating the body that signals satiety only 20 minutes after eating. But intensifying and accelerating the effect of weight loss moderate exercise (whether regular fitness training or rehearsal moving dance – modern, oriental, Latino, home gym or a class active sport. Running, swimming, skiing, etc.) to be performed at least 2 hours before or 2-3 hours after a meal (otherwise provided heaviness and discomfort), preferably in the morning or in the evening – depending on the lifestyle rhythms, working hours slimming.

Nice and helpful, not only as a means to reduce body weight, but also the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive systems will be walking for long distances. Especially invigorate and inspire you to continue losing weight at home encounter a friend who compliments celebrate the positive changes – in the figure, and radiantly smiling face.

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