There are slim its possible!

Slim Fruits In my opinion, this fruit cannot have a wonderful fat burning properties for slim, but experts argue that such a bittersweet citrus helps with weight loss. One study found that eating half a grapefruit a day, or 100 ml of juice a person loses more than 3 pounds in 12 weeks, without making any effort, and is not limited in the diet.

Experts believe that this weight loss occurs as a result of the fact that grapefruit lowers insulin production, have a reduced appetite. Loss of appetite leads to the abandonment of snacking, which contributes to the loss of extra kilos.
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A few words about healthy eating

 healthy dietsA few words about healthy eating Many nutritionists believe that most of the ingredients contained in the so-called healthy food – a sugar, which sometimes are the initiators of excess weight. Although the government regulates the production of this type, all the same dietary food that is difficult to call.

To help you understand what products need to be used, we have compiled a list of errors. This combination of yogurt and granola deceptive. Despite the fact that low-fat yoghurt, the addition of chocolate crumb or muesli fat content increases. The soft, low fat yogurt in combination with additives such as chocolate contains at least 220 calories! Continue reading “A few words about healthy eating”

Perfection not secret!

PerfectionPerfection not secret! On immediate weight loss mom insisted. She said that it should be done now, while I am young, and later handle the weight will be much harder. Mom an experienced person in this matter, so that it can be trusted. She tried all sorts of ways, and something to me advised.

Yes, I myself realized that urgently needs to lose weight. Chronic fatigue, self-feeling, depression… and that in my younger years! But I had to start somewhere. Like many in my position, I thought that tight diet will help me. He clenched his will in a fist and began. First sat at a separate feed, then moved to a very strict diet. In the morning – toast with coffee, lunch two boiled eggs in the evening boiled fish. Continue reading “Perfection not secret!”

What you need to do and what not to stay slim

Stay SlimEven a small regular course of exercises can work wonders. Follow the advice of a coach or any book on fitness/slim and you will look fabulous after 12 weeks.

Shop, previously making a list of required products

There is nothing worse than to get cramps in my stomach from extra servings of chocolate. Better to just not buy it, at least, just in case, as it usually happens.

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Seven exercises for beautiful legs

Slim legsRegardless of the season, the girls always want to be beautiful and attractive legs. These ten exercises can significantly alter the hips and legs, and you will look in short shorts just stunning.

  1. kicks

To the leg muscles were in good shape, try to carry out this exercise at home here. Set a chair, if you are just starting out, then to his seat, and advanced level – back. Stand up straight and do the swing leg, described an arc over the seat of the chair, return to starting position. Perform 30 repetitions on each leg may be further brought up to 60 repetitions. ¬†Exercises will work on burning fat in the hips. Continue reading “Seven exercises for beautiful legs”

How to relax after a hard workout?

SlimEach workout should end the process of complete relaxation of the body. Ignoring the restorative phase reduces the effectiveness of the training process, the risk of deformation of the muscles and nervous system.

Intensive training to enter your body under stress, you want to cancel using high-quality relaxation and recreation. Over-saturation and long duration training requires a deeper rest. And it is not only the physiological rest all the organs and muscles, but also the relaxation of the nervous system, is also under huge strain during training.

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How many times a week you need to do fitness?

FitnessGirls who are aiming to lose weight, ask yourself: How many times a week you need to do fitness? In any case, each person is different and say exactly how much exercise is necessary for you is hard to say. Still, there are several factors that will help you to understand this question.

It all depends on your goals. Perhaps you do for fun, fitness, maintaining good form or you lose weight and muscle mass can accumulate.Number of training depends on the severity of your workouts.

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Fitness for young mothers

 young mothersFitness for young mothers – it is a necessity. Many people wrongly think that to start training immediately after birth is harmful. However, it is not. To delay the recovery process is not necessary, because then you will be much more difficult to restore to its former beauty. But we should not ignore the advice of a doctor because each woman brings the process of labor individually.

It is possible that your doctor will solve some exercises, but there are those who do not recommend you to do. And the beginning of the gym for some may be the day after the birth, but for others, this event may be delayed for a couple of weeks.¬†A set of exercises for the young mothers about the same, because it includes only the necessary exercise for shape recovery. Continue reading “Fitness for young mothers”