Why Diets do not Work?

diets do not workIt’s time again on a diet!. Familiar? And who has ever wondered why diets do not work? Looking for information on diets for quick weight loss, we learn about the newest and super efficient diets.

Hollywood stars diet lemon water with lemon juice, maple syrup and spicy red pepper. Gastritis, colitis, bowel provided the most ardent enthusiasts face a stomach ulcer;

Lollipops diet whole days have some candy.

Greenhouse effect to walk, sweat and lose weight! But we do not lose fat, water, irritated and irritated skin themselves, the body overheats, increased load on the heart and kidneys. Blood group diet restriction of a vital element, but to our cells could fully built, they need all four types of protein milk, vegetable, animal and fish protein. Buckwheat diet from which we earn chronic constipation and intestinal cramps, not losing fat and muscle mass.

Starvation diet fat in the body makes very low-calorie food, suffers from liver and gall bladder. The French diet – sounds good, right? And actually drawn stomach girded fishing line, and each meal, a few sips of water or a chur a deep breath accompanied by plunging the fishing line in the delicate skin of the unfortunate lady, from which horror escaped her other half, not sure of its adequacy, and which was a red scar on his body after this procedure beauty requires sacrifice!.

Well, seriously, to understand why diets do not work is very simple. Diets difficult to stick to. The power is there, the will is there, and no willpower!. How can you give up your favorite habits? And then there’s a girlfriend with a cake priperlas, an infection! Before you go on a diet, you need to submit, the difficulties and temptations you will face, and how you manage them.

Diets cause self pity and a sense of deprivation, Everyone eats, but I can not! They can afford it, why can not I? . And there is a saying: Forbidden fruit is sweet! Frustration. The process of losing weight is like a sine wave up and down. And when you 25 times today jumped on a scale not seen victory 5 kg, want to give up, try another diet, better, perfect, most-most! But fairy tales do not happen, and the next diet will end with a fiasco. The habit of seizing stress eating. Bad mood, trouble at work, quarrel with a loved one – who did not seek solace in food?

Not properly chosen diet in which you have not considered their psychological state during stress – is not working. Any diet for quick weight loss only works as long as you’re on a diet. If you want to effectively normalize your weight and keep it stable, changes must occur not only in your own eating habits and physical activity, but also your family and Circle your communication. Otherwise, the effect of surrounding your weight returns to normal.

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