Where Does the Extra Weight

Tips for extra weightMany see the reason why there are extra kilograms, a sedentary lifestyle, hormonal problems, birth of a child, but not everyone knows the origin of the extra weight.

But it stresses that we constantly experience, and bad eating habits – they are often the main cause of excess weight. To stress factors set extra kilos can be attributed, above all, constant dieting.

Most popular diets are intended to reduce the amount of food intake, and thus reduce the calories. But in losing weight, there are two laws physical and chemical. The physical law of weight loss: eat more calories – recovered, ate less – lost.Here, like, everything is simple. But when a person goes with such a diet, extra weight back, and often with a make weight, because it was not considered a chemical slimming law: the law of the nutritional value of food.

Where Does the Extra Weight

If we reduce the calories we need to ensure a high nutritional value of food, the cells do not go hungry. Hungry cells instinctively begin to stock up on all and sundry without discrimination. Thus, we gradually come to the second factor contributing to weight gain: an unbalanced diet. There is such a thing as food, but there is a thing as food. Food that’s what we put on the plate, ate, stomach heaviness appeared. But the food this is what the cell should pull of these foods.

Power to the cell – are proteins, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, enzymes. If this is not our food, the cells remain hungry and they fed us again signal I want to eat!. We sit down at a table and eats extra kilos. Many believe that they eat properly: do not eat fatty, fried, avoid sweets, semi-finished products, fast food and all that contributes to weight gain. But many products under some processing methods may lose their nutrients, and almost everyone has a problem with digestion.

Therefore, before addressing the problem of overweight, you need to take care of your digestion. After all, the problem of the digestive system: digestion, absorption of nutrients and elimination of unnecessary residues. If at some point there is a failure, the cells are hungry, and the body starts the mechanism of weight gain. Lack of water this is also a stressful situation in the body.

All metabolic processes occurring in an aqueous medium, the water aids in detoxification of natural salts, toxins, toxins, and fat – toxins and is dirty, stagnant water. For people who want to lose weight, and do not drink the water, did not achieve the desired result. Lack of sleep – this factor is also able to run in the body weight gain. The fact that around midnight and four o’clock in our body, if we sleep well during this period, produces a hormone, melanin hormone youth.

Description of the action of this amazing hormone worthy of a separate article, and you can read it here. In this article, I’ll tell you one thing: melanin promotes weight loss even when we sleep. But here the main rule: go to bed before midnight, otherwise this hormone is not produced.


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