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Weight Loss

Which will be interesting times. Methods of weight loss diet as varied as the myths about weight loss. There are people for whom attempts to lose weight a favorite hobby, which they do not for the result, but for the sake of pleasure just so they can feel that they pay themselves and their health attention. But the vast majority of those who really want to lose weight, often found in the bait dishonest sellers miracle means experimenting with their health, trying a variety of improper diet, and make a lot a variety of errors.

The purpose of my article – to help you understand the basic weight loss myths and dispel misconceptions about the process of losing weight. Of course, if you are determined to lose weight …

Tips 1. To lose weight you need to eat as little as possible.

The less food we eat, the more fat cells are stocking up all in a row for the future – it is an immutable rule. From the food we get the energy to the internal organs, for digestion and assimilation of food and physical activity. The most important thing from the list – it is the energy of the internal organs. It’s like gasoline for a car – not poured petrol, the car will be in the middle of the road, and the man with the lack of energy, fatigue, headache may be, the body begins to age… Because our daily diet should not be less than 1200-1500 calories.

Tips 2. If I’m going to do at the gym, you lose weight without dieting.

Many exercises can just weight gain. The fact is that in the gym muscles can be strengthened, but in order to build muscle, which will gradually replace the fat, increase protein intake. What do you think, why professional athletes consume protein shakes?

Muscle tissue burns calories up to 300 times more than fat. Because, if we remove from the diet of unhealthy fats and fast carbohydrates, and increase the amount of protein, you can effectively lose weight, adding exercise, you make my body fit, flexible and lean.

Tips 3. To lose weight in a specific area of ​​your body, you need to do the exercises only in this area.

There is only one version of events: either we all grow thin, or not losing weight anywhere else. Our body itself distributes fat. There are different types of obesity, which dictate different methods of solving the problems of overweight. But no matter what, the postulates of good nutrition has not been canceled, and if we do the exercises, you need to use all the muscles of the body, then the body will be easier to restructure and gradually build the forms of the body that you expect.

Tips 4. To lose weight, you can not eat after 18.00

In the morning we somehow (active or not) lived this day, a waste of energy and nutrients in order to perform its normal function, the body has dried up, and the evening need nourishment nutrients, because at night, when we sleep in the body are regenerated, the structure and division of cells.

And we decide it’s time to lose weight and do not eat after 18.00 am till 13-14 hours.. the body is starving, During this time, he has to break down not only fat, but also muscle tissue.. When you do not feed your cells, they receive a signal to store all fat.

Tips 5. Products such as grapefruit, pineapple, green tea helps burn fat.

This is not quite true: Grapefruit helps to balance blood sugar, has a low calorie and creates a feeling of fullness. Pineapple helps to digest protein, bromelain contained in pineapple, speeds up digestion, breaks down fats in the intestine (but not subcutaneous fat). Green tea speeds up the metabolism by 3-4%, but this does not mean that these products will help without diet and exercise to lose weight and burn fat.

Tips 6. To lose weight, you must eat only fruits and vegetables.

Code power cells: 22 amino acids -15 -12 minerals, vitamins, enzymes -7 -3 fatty acids. These food components are available only if your diet is varied: there must be, and animal and plant foods. The body does not produce enough of the enzymes that can break down a large amount of vegetables and fruits. And then our belly of a plane can turn into an inflated balloon. Besides fruits stimulate appetite, they feel full because they are unlikely to succeed. Fruit and vegetable diet you can stick to just one day (fasting), and limit consumption of fruits and vegetables – 1.5-2 kg per day.

Feel free to debunk myths about weight loss, remove the noodles with their ears, pull yourself together and not too lazy, start to work on themselves!

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