How to Lose Weight in a Short Time

How to lose weightHow to lose weight in a short time the situation is the classic one: major event, that dress must fit like a glove, obviously a bit ‘of bacon and rolls to eliminate.

All in a very short time, those of you who would cry for help? However, losing weight quickly is almost never a good idea because you may lose muscle mass even with fast diets usually little balanced, come the stretch marks , the body undergoes an abrupt change etc etc.

The main problem is the diet , when you think about how to lose weight quickly comes to mind on a strict diet, eating as little as possible and light foods.It is a wrong thought, because it slows down your metabolism by eating little, eating the wrong way you are likely to introduce more calories than you need, you may lose more fluid than fat mass and recover quickly lost weight. Therefore can lose weight fast by eating , going hungry is not a correct way to lose the extra pounds.

First of all, we need to lose weight on a diet designed especially for us, follow the diet of someone else is the best way to not finish anything. Then you need to contact a dietitian. Then it must give up bad habits and finally time to devote to themselves, lose weight also means toning up and get fit and that’s not enough just a weight loss diet.

Give up bread and pasta, refined and pizza, of course, replacing them with whole foods and avoid eating them together in the same meal, avoid them also in the evening. No food after 20: the last meal is the last that’s it until the next day, no matter if we grasp the peckish just ignore it and it will pass.

Purify and move are the main secrets of how to lose weight fast, really drink a lot of water, blended fruit and vegetables and herbal tea and slimming. Of course moving. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol, give up junk food, get more sleep and better.

It all starts with a single step, even lose weight. This fateful first step is having to give up the foods that inevitably make us fat. It does not mean giving up food, but only replace food with others. Whole foods instead of refined ones, vegetables and white meat instead of red meat, water instead of wine, fruit and vegetables instead of sweets and fruit juice industry.

Nothing to say about eggs and fish, has long as both are not fried. The Lightest cheese once in a while there are, the better off the cow’s milk and prefer a juice or herbal tea, or even a green tea, good low-fat yogurt instead. No butter, mayonnaise or cream up to two teaspoons of olive oil per day. He eats five times a day, starting with a good breakfast, a snack, lunch, snack and dinner.

If each of these meals is done properly, with the right foods and the right times you will feel hungry. Sudden attack of hunger? As above mentioned anything fried, nothing sauces and especially no salt. Well, spicy moderation, which helps to burn fat. Yes to steaming and grilling. See also: diets lose weight .

Very well the tea after a meal or in the morning and evening purifying and slimming. Good that the dandelion and the ginger. For those who want to lose weight in a short time, the main advice is, of course, to cut cleanly calories.

Farewell then to snacks and snacks, free way instead to lots of fruits and vegetables, also to break the hunger between meals and the other. We remind you to calibrate fine condiments: do not overdo it with oil or salt, but to flavor your dishes used spices, delicious and with zero calories. Also avoid sweets, to be replaced by light recipes, low calorie. Finally, drink a lot, at least two liters of water a day.

Little tricks to lose weight fast:

  • no coffee
  • no salt
  • no sugar
  • no pre-cooked foods

The main enemies of a diet are: the rush, a sedentary lifestyle, the stress and the goodies, all these factors lead us to what we eat comes to hand, especially unhealthy snacks.

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