How to Lose Weight Fast

 lose weight fastLose weight fast is not a walk, it is like climbing a mountain probably that would be a good exercise, but there are some tricks to make it seem slim that diets less horrendous, difficult and unattainable. First, we avoid the specter of the word diet as this term designates our daily diet, or what we put every day in the pot.

Some diets are used to cleanse, others improve the health, others are harmful to health and others do lose weight. In this case we speak of  weight loss diet. We do not make the old, do not start with the idea that diet means not eating yes, there are still people who think that is an idea as absurd as wrong and here unveiled the first of the tips for weight loss.

  1. Eat at least 5 times a day

Breakfast, of course not be skipped and you must try to introduce a number of calories, then the snack is usually fruit and yogurt as well as whole wheat bread and turkey breast for those who do not have to observe a strict diet, Kind of lunch usually in a substantial portion of protein and vegetables with the fruit of course, snack again with yogurt and fresh fruit or dried fruit and dinner should be light and perhaps followed by a purifying herbal tea.

Why is it important? The 5 meals are important to not slow down the metabolism that when they saw little food into energy but not in fat reserves. It also helps combat emotional eating. Remember: to lose weight seriously need to lose body fat, if you do not eat you lose muscle mass and you have not solved anything. The emotional eating is a great enemy of weight loss diet, stress in general is. How do you fight? You have to download, download, download yet. That brings us to the second of tips for weight loss:

  1. Choose a sport

Not a random one, but one that’s right for you. The important thing is that it does not include a sofa and a remote control. If you’ve always loved the Zumba dance is that it is a good sport, if you like to run cut an hour a day to run in a park or in a green area, but if the sport just is not your thing you can always walk.

If the opportunities, or the time, is what you lack, playing, cunning: go to work on foot if it is a reasonable distance or by bus and get off one stop earlier, do the stairs, doing gardening, clean the house, washing the car, run around the table if you are alone, of course! The sport is not all, you will return with food. Want to lose weight? Then start eating healthy, as we mentioned here and this is the third tip for weight loss:

  1. The grocery store!

When you go to the grocery store do not go on an empty stomach or you buy a lot of junk food, go directly to the department greengrocer or wards bio Always read labels even if it says 0 fat and avoids whatever products industrial, which are packaged soups or snacks. Who wants to lose weight learn to cook!

  1. Learn to eat healthy!

Learn to eat, or to distinguish between calories and nutrients, ask your body what want to eat at that time of famine? Here, you can think of a bag of chips, you know what your body is telling you? It lacks the vitamin B16, eat a good portion of steamed broccoli tossed with olive oil and garlic and here passed the desire of chips. You’d look for a good omelet: the dirty pan with a drop or two of extra virgin olive oil, which is a good fat only the whites of eggs by way of omelet. If you want to eat sweet, little, dark chocolate contains substances that serve to correct your body to stay healthy.

Nibbled a carrot, summer your skin will thank you. Besides the aesthetic matters a lot: turn off the TV, eat at the table (the book can go), calmly, chew well, eat on the balcony or in the garden relaxes you and eat better. The more time you put before your stomach will think of being sated. It uses a small dish to fool the eye, and to take small portions think that after you do an encore, most of the time did not feel the need. Drink plenty of water during the day and during meals.

  1. Do not do for itself!

Do not throw in unnecessary diets seen in magazines, made by celebrities, proclaimed miraculous. Each has its caloric requirements and a particular physical, as well as metabolism, then go to the dietician.

What about the question of taste? We’re forced to eat white and undressed? Black certainly not, unless chicken breast or turkey, because the rest of the white things, with the exception of yogurt, such as cheese, mozzarella, various dairy products, pasta and whole meal bread whole meal not you can forget them.

  1. No salt and sugar

Yes instead to wasabi, lemon, chili moderately, spices, soy sauce, no to mayonnaise and ketchup no sugar. Then no sugar, sweeteners, sauces made ​​from sugar, fructose only in fruit and fruit juice industry, bought a juicer on Amazon you can find many centrifuges on offer And prepare them alone, instead yes to honey. And salt should be precisely replaced with the spices.

The healthy lifestyle , which connects us to the third council, it is fundamental: do not smoke, do not drink, do not stay up late, here is another advice for weight loss:

  1. Eat consciously

Do not eat as if there were no tomorrow because you’re desperate or rather go out and Distract yourself, do sports, dance, vented, find someone to talk to, square mirrors in the kitchen to see you when you eat for nervousness and ask who what am I doing?.

Not gratify eating, especially if you lose pounds, celebrate with a giant pizza with all the animal and plant kingdom above will not make you feel better after. Night raids in the fridge? Foul lock and the key to someone else (possibly that suits you). And do disappear cakes and sweets sown in secret hiding places, those are not your best friends.

  1. Avoid alcohol

A glass of wine is said is good for the heart, but it kills the waist. A single glass of red wine provides 100 calories to your diet. And if you go for an aperitif attention to cocktails, spirits contain more calories than a plate of pasta. Replace them with non-alcoholic beer or non-alcoholic cocktails and fruit, careful to snacks that accompany the happy hour.

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