Flat stomach in four steps

Flat stomachFlat stomach in four steps Sometime in the economic high school, I learned well the principle of building a successful business. It turns out that in order to avoid a crisis in earnings, you should always conduct business in four different directions. Thus, even if one of them is in danger of collapse, you are still three others. Today, we try to apply the principle of win in the struggle for a flat stomach.

Many ladies complain that grueling diet does not contribute to the attainment of aesthetic cubes in the area of the press. Others complain that fitness is not particularly affect their excessively rounded tummy.

In this article we will look at four steps, which together will certainly help you to never shy to bare his flat stomach. And note that all of this without a radical and expensive surgery! However, in order to achieve a noticeable effect you need endurance, patience and willpower.

Step 1* Refusal of bad habits for Flat stomach

On the way to a flat stomach will have a certain time to give up alcohol and smoking, even in small quantities. Such a measure is necessary for the normalization of metabolism in the body. In addition, as we know, alcohol – a fairly high-calorie product that instantly reflected on the rounded belly and waist swims. In addition, alcohol – an insidious pathogen appetite, which is also not conducive to descending centimeters from the waist.

Step 2* Revise the menu for Flat stomach

It may seem trite sounds, the menu would have to completely eliminate all sweets, fatty foods and pastry. All of the above contributes to food slagging the body, and vice versa, our task is to clean up and normalize metabolism. As a measure of impact can spend three days on fruit and yogurt. To keep in shape in the future, such as unloading a good idea to take 1 time per week. For the advanced fasting day is perfect to spend solely on non-carbonated water.

 On ordinary days it is essential to remain moderate in the food and avoid eating in the space of three hours before bedtime. If absolutely unbearable, try to fool the stomach, cutting fruit into small cubes and slowly absorbing the pieces one by one.

Step 3* Massage the stomach for Flat stomach

Such an effective tool in gaining aesthetic forms of massage the abdomen quite undeservedly paid very little attention. Meanwhile, massage the abdomen in combination with diet, in practice, provides a very effective and quick results. If you cannot afford a massage specialist, you can do it yourself at home. Eventually, the abdomen is absolutely accessible to your hands.

Therefore, nothing prevents her pamper massage. Among other things, this will help speed up the digestion. The procedure should be performed every day. Its duration should be around 20 minutes. No one is stopping you combine it with watching your favorite TV program or series. Before you begin to massage the belly movements lubricate oil elixir half a spoon of olive oil and five drops of vitamin E. With various massage techniques can be found on specialized websites.

Step 4* Performing special exercises for Flat stomach

And, of course, the most active step in gaining a flat stomach is a regular implementation of special exercise. Below are illustrated and the most effective ones.

Exercise No 1* Twisting

Twists are the simplest and yet most effective exercises for the press. They represent a rise in the head and shoulder blades off the floor from a prone position on the floor (palms on the back, knees bent, feet on the floor). There are many varieties of twists – direct lifting up the body, oblique are drawn when lifting one shoulder to the knee with the opposite leg, side tilt when lifting the body from side to side, and others. Each exercise unit at least 20 twists.

Exercise No 2* Reverse

Raising the legs from a prone position – is another very effective exercise for the press. It is useful to perform both lifting and lowering the legs straight and knees bent (so-called reverse roll). To accomplish the latter – Lie on the floor, place the palm of your hand under the buttocks, legs bend at the knees and feet – in parallel. Using only the abdominal muscles, lift your legs up and lift your buttocks off the floor. Make sure that the movement turned out smoothly and without jerks.

Also, slowly return to starting position. Carefully and thoughtfully repeat 5-10 times depending on your fitness level. Exercise number 3 Full rise housing full lifting the body from the supine position is the most difficult exercise for the press and is not always possible without additional fixation legs. Lying on the floor, raise your arms straight above your head.

 From this starting position, perform a full lifting body and stretch your hands to toes, then slowly return to starting position. On your belly was flat, in every training session include 10-20 full body rises from a prone position.

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