What should I do to lose weight

Lose weight fastCellulite and overweight two eternal problems of modern society and there is a great variety of methods to solve them. To lose weight, people sit on the diet: apple, cottage cheese, carbohydrate, the Kremlin, on the field, Baguette, vegetarian and many others. The head of a circle is such a variety of methods to lose weight. And we, in spite of all this, is always looking for something new that will help us for sure.

Ideal – to see a doctor and consult a weight loss method is right for you, because the body of each person is individual. The doctor should also find out whether you have certain restrictions in terms of physical activity.

We picked up a simple but effective tips to help you lose weight in a short time and without harm to health. Change the diet. Avoid sweets from your diet. Appreciate proteins and carbohydrates. Reduce consumption of fats. Eat lean meat, seafood, chicken breasts in these products is low in fat and a sufficient amount of protein. No need to buy low-fat products, because, as a rule, they contain trans fats, which can also adversely affect the body.

Do not forget about the drinks. During any diet you need to give up coffee, and it is not necessary to consume carbonated sugar water, because it increases appetite. Drink non-carbonated mineral water, green tea.

Do not overeat, it is better to eat more often but smaller portions. This will make your digestive system work properly. Fasting is not worth it, because hunger gives the signal to our body that it is necessary to postpone, reserve, ie fat.

During strenuous exercise calories are burned more efficiently. If the opportunity to visit the gym you do not, then try to walk more. Avoid elevators, climb the stairs on their own, it will help disperse the blood and will allow more quickly burn fat. Remember that sleep – is the key to health. Sleep must be at least seven to eight hours a day. Never eat, as they say, for the company, if you are not hungry.

If you do not resist and ate anything dangerous for your figure, you do not need to get upset and throw begun. Almost everyone who has tried to lose weight, there were setbacks. No need to try to persuade myself that tomorrow or next week will continue. Just get yourself together and move on to your goal. Only in this way you will get rid of the extra kilos!

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