Lemon Diet for weight loss

Lemon Diet for slimMany nutritionists and specialists in the field of weight loss is recommended to use lemon diet. This is due to the fact that it contains a large amount of acid, which promotes the breakdown of fat, accelerate metabolism, blocking hunger, strengthening of gastric juice, and thus improve digestion. Also contained in the lemon pectin, vitamin C. Lemon diet is universal. Using it, you do not have to strictly limit the amount of food consumed and constantly counting calories. However, some limitations still exist:

Limit, and it is better to completely stop the use of products containing in its composition a large amount of starch cereals, potatoes, pasta, pastries. Fried foods should be replaced on the boiled and baked.

During the cooking part of the oil penetrates into the product, thereby increasing many times its calorie and fat content.

Classic lemon diet for weight loss

Creator of the classic lemon weight loss technique became an American nutritionist, has east name Chung. It was she who carefully studied the ability of dietary lemon and concluded its high efficiency in the fight against excess weight. The evidence base of Professor Teresa Cheung is based on the properties of citric acid, which came into contact with lipids (fats) almost completely neutralize them.

Every morning on an empty stomach juice should be consumed the n-th number of lemons. Furthermore squeezed juice of one lemon diluted with 200 ml of cold water.

The first day. Drinking juice of one lemon, diluted with 200 mL of water.

Second day. Juice drink two lemons, diluted with 400 ml of water, and so on, until the amount reaches the lemons 6 pieces, and the amount of water to 1200 ml.

The seventh day. Fasting day. For the meeting should be of the three lemons squeeze out the juice and dilute it with three liters of water + a spoon of honey.

On the eighth day of the amount consumed lemons is on the wane, starting with six pieces.

What  or other restrictions in the daily Lemon Diet for weight loss, this diet does not provide. According to the classic lemon Miss Chung method of weight loss ensures loss of four Рfive overweight. At first glance, this diet sounds pretty simple, does not require large material costs and, most importantly, it is not hungry. However, if you study the reviews of this method of weight loss, it can be said that the majority of them negative. Those who tried to use the classic lemon diet argue that precisely adhere to its scheme is almost impossible. If the second and third day, something Рhow else can you try to drink on an empty stomach, respectively, two or three glasses of cold water acidic, the four glasses and a drink is simply unrealistic. Therefore, the most slimming circuit violates diet and just throw the required amount of juice in the 300 Р400 ml of water.

As a result, and this approach gives promising results. But very often because of the aggravation of gastrointestinal diseases caused by highly concentrated lemon juice, losing weight is necessary to reduce the amount of food intake.

Lemon Diet for weight loss the second option

This diet lasts for five – seven days. Its essence is to use one cup of cold water with the addition of juice of one lemon as chime on an empty stomach, and in the evening instead of dinner. Also, you should limit consumption of sugar and sugary foods. As for fatty foods, there are no limits, of course, within reasonable limits. This citric technique promises to reduce weight loss of three – four kilograms. Most of the reviews about this method of weight loss have a positive character. Besides complaints occurrence of gastro – intestinal tract is practically nonexistent.

Lemon Diet for weight loss the third option

The main motto of the third embodiment of citric method of weight loss is extra help. This diet albeit not significantly reduce weight, but also gain extra kilos, it also does not allow. The essence of this technique is to use one cup of cold water added to it the juice of one lemon before every meal. It is very good to use the abundant feast, when overeating is inevitable. Use a lemon emergency assistance is allowed up to four – five times a week. Although there is a caveat. Do not forget that lemon is unable to fully absorb the fats from the food, so if overeating – it is your habit, then yellow fruit in this case would be powerless.

In terms of diet, you can say that the most reasonable and acceptable are the last two versions of this diet. Besides the leading place it occupies the third lemon method of weight loss. Indeed, citric acid, as well as pineapple juice, is able to bind fats, but this applies only to those lipids that have not yet been assimilated by the body. Fats that are visceral or subcutaneous fat on lemon juice does not respond because it does not come into engagement with it.

The second version of the diet can be used as a kind of food restriction in the afternoon. In this pivotal role played by the rejection of the evening meal.

There is also a lemon – honey diet version. He promises to get rid of two kilograms in just two days. This method of weight reduction prohibits any food to eat. Allowed only drink liquids with high acidity.

Mixes three liters of ordinary drinking water with fresh lemons and juice fifteen 50 grams of honey. This lemon – honey mixture has the energy value is almost zero, and therefore contributes to the rapid weight loss. Reduce the sensation of hunger makes a high percentage of citric acid, and sucrose and glucose, which are contained in the honey in the absence of receipt of protein and fat provide a reduction in weight due to fat stores of the body. Besides lemon-honey diet helps effectively fight against cellulite.

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