How to remove cellulite

 cellulite removeA prerequisite to get rid of cellulite at home is physical activity. But it should not just move more, but to perform certain exercises that will speed up the process of splitting fat in problem areas. By the way, it would be good during such exercises cellulite applied to the thighs and buttocks cellulite cream and be wrapped with cling film the effect on employment will be stronger. The same method is very good for those who are wondering how to remove cellulite from the abdomen.

Do not be amiss to make wraps with seaweed, clay, honey. Thanks to them, you will relax for 20-30 minutes, and your skin will be filled with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Before you begin to wrap, problem areas need a good warm up in the shower with a special scrub or take a bath with essential oils with anti cellulite effect lavender, mint, rosemary, citrus.

Before you remove cellulite from the thighs, it is important to understand at what stage you are a disease .If this is the third step (cellulite seen without compression, and when squeezed arise painful), to treat it at home is ineffective. You can alleviate the symptoms, but fundamental changes cannot be achieved by these methods. But anyone with cellulite has not yet passed this stage, it is possible to recover on their own.

How to remove cellulite on the legs? It’s all the same methods that are equally effective in all cases of cellulite on the legs if he was on hand, on the abdomen or on the hips. Do not neglect the natural salt or coffee scrubs, baths with sea salt, decoration of some herbs such as fennel root, birch buds, Meadow-sweet, horsetail.

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