Diet for cellulite

 cellulite dietThere is no light on some special diet for cellulite directed purely to remedy this defect. But the role of nutrition in the fight against orange peel cannot diminish. Therefore, the most appropriate is considered a balanced diet, in which preference should be given low fat foods, fresh vegetables and healthy cooking methods. But quick, urgent, starvation diets in this case you do not have assistants.

 They reduce the vitality lead to significant fluctuations in blood sugar, provoke the appearance of excess weight and formation of cellulite. So, as you can see the effect of these, only the reverse. Learn proper nutrition is not too difficult it is important to know what foods to eat should not be, and what it is necessary to include in your daily diet.

The latter include fresh fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates (cereals), beans, lean meat, eggs, fish. Many people think that a diet against cellulite necessarily consist of a half-starved menu and continuous restrictions. It is not. There is a need, with conventional normal portion. It is important, from which they consist.

Thus, burning adipose tissue contributes to the use of egg whites, low-fat varieties of fish, chicken breast. If you eat it all, along with vegetables, dressed with olive oil, you are not only satisfied, but also to run the mechanisms of weight loss in your body, cleansing of toxins and removing excess fluid.

This diet to fight cellulite recommends the abolition of the products that have passed industrial processing sausage, mayonnaise, ketchup, soups and porridge fast food, chips and all semi finished products, to reduce the consumption of meat, fat, sugar, salt, dairy products.These limitations are necessary not only because of the fact that these products are high in calories, but also because they contain a large amount of harmful chemical substances, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, pesticides, dyes, flavor enhancers, salts. Choose lean poultry and remove from it all visible areas of fat. Meat eat no more than 2-3 times a week and eat the rest of the vegetable protein.

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