Basic techniques losing excess weight

LOSING EXCESS WEIGHTGuess what problem the majority of customers come to the fitness club? Of course, the desires to lose weight. Many are turning to personal trainers in the hope of a quick and guaranteed result than self-employment.

Every personal trainer should be able to develop individual effective programs for such clients. The greater the quality of the results, the better the effect of word of mouth among customers and the faster you grow the client base.

A good fitness trainer is distinguished skill of effective preparation of individual programs for the loss of extra kilos, the ability to make a diet and most importantly the customer to keep the motivation and support of the client during the time of classes. Let’s look at the basic techniques of losing excess weight, which should be known to every coach.

Negative energy balance as a condition of weight loss

Physical exercise will benefit in the event that the client will establish your diet. The important thing is respect for the rules, which implies the adoption of a low-calorie food. Then, the load will be much more effective. The energy balance is considered negative when the body consumes more calories than it consumes. It also affects the human metabolism.

Programs for weight loss

  • Intense aerobic exercise, which not only leads to good results, but also strengthens the cardiovascular system, strengthens the lungs and heart.
  • Strength training, which provide the burning of fat mass and increase muscle mass.
  • Mixed techniques which involve the use of complex training, including aerobic and power load.

Every trainer should understand in what cases to recommend one or another technique for a client. It is important to understand the mechanism of storing and burning excess body fat, the terms of muscle building and fat replacement mechanism of muscle mass and vice versa.

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