Hidden face of weight

 hidden weightLucia and Layer have 29 and 30 years and weigh and measure exactly the same: 60 kg and 1,62m. We are like twins; they say these two Alava friends. However, Dr. Gema, specialist in Endocrinology and Nutrition at the University Hospital of Navarra , has told Lucia suffering from obesity and Agostino, who did not spare a kilo.

How can this difference? The key is the percentage of body fat each, he explains the specialist.

 Lucia has 39 percent body fat, synonymous with obesity, and Agostino, 29 percent, indicating good muscle mass versus fat mass.The truth is that I move very little, and when I see that gained weight, I’m in for the first diet they recommend me out there, says Lucia. Combined with the sedentary, those diets yo-yo are associated with large variations in weight, cause loss of water and muscle and promote excess body fat.

 However, Agostino is more active, go cycling to work, doing Pilates once a week and always eaten healthy, with few changes in diet and weight, Dr. Frubeck explains. The bad thing is that body fat is not only an energy store, as previously thought: today is known to be a real body producing inflammatory substances.

 Low-grade inflammations that produce these substances increase the risk of many chronic diseases, from cancers to type 2 diabetes, to cardiovascular problems, to name a few. But the story does not end there, because excess body fat produces leptin resistance: the hormone that tells your brain that you stop eating. That means that the brain is no longer sensitive to that signal, which increases the risk that eats too much.

 In other words, the higher your percentage of body fat, have more ballots to develop chronic diseases and overeating. There are many methods to measure the percentage of body fat, but Dr. Frubeck prefers the Bod-Pod, a device that resembles a space capsule. With your swimsuit and your cap, you get in the Bod Pod and, as you scroll air and other parameters, will tell you the percentage of body fat you have, very reliably. I did not leave such a bad stop, but the doctor told me that the result was improved.

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