Weight Loss Tips to start diet right

Weight Loss TipsStart a diet to lose weight and improve their health is a worthy goal, but it can be a bit overwhelming. There are bound to be problems when you start something new, especially when it involves something you do several times every day both food and drink.

Nevertheless, as long as you do not try to change everything at once, you can meet your weight loss goals. Read on to learn some of the secrets of the masters – those who have lost weight and, more importantly, keep it. In the end, what good is losing weight if you get it back?
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How need to consume protein

Slim Fastwho will defend us? The whey protein !! She solves the problem: it is a source of protein in a good amount and will be assimilated as soon as possible.

I take my first protein shake to wake up. I prepare it with water the day I have no training, and semi-skimmed organic milk day I go to the gym because these days need to consume a little more carbohydrate for strength in the afternoon weekend tell them about Structure my diet this week. Continue reading “How need to consume protein”

Slimming secrets Tips

Slim tipsArriving gym with very hungry, dinner, tuna and green beans, steamed just was not enough, and completed two comprehensive buckwheat crackers spread with almond paste and honey … delicious! Besides nutrition and diet almond paste has monounsaturated fatty acids, real good to burn fat. The fact is that they were so rich that was eager to eat a few more … Continue reading “Slimming secrets Tips”

How to Weight loss and fat

How to Weight loss and fatThe primary measure of obesity is excess weight; more appropriate indicator is the mass of adipose tissue. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to define. Our efforts are aimed at fighting obesity, and it is wrong, because weight loss does not always correspond to the loss of adipose tissue.

If a person dropped five kilos, then does this mean that he got rid of five kilograms of excess fat? Not necessarily, because the weight is made ​​up of fat mass, muscle, skeleton, various liquids. Continue reading “How to Weight loss and fat”

You can lose weight sleeping?

lose weight When we talk about difficulty to decrease weight, sleep is a factor that must be analyzed carefully. A healthy night’s sleep and favors normalization of hormone levels linked to the feeling of satiety. It also contributes to the release of GH hormone, which is only activated when we have reached a level of sleep deep.

In infants this hormone is linked to growth in stature, and for adults, it is a great saver of stimulating muscle and fat utilization as an energy source. For  weight loss , it is best to sleep at least six hours per night, but this can vary, since some people need eight. Continue reading “You can lose weight sleeping?”

Hidden face of weight

 hidden weightLucia and Layer have 29 and 30 years and weigh and measure exactly the same: 60 kg and 1,62m. We are like twins; they say these two Alava friends. However, Dr. Gema, specialist in Endocrinology and Nutrition at the University Hospital of Navarra , has told Lucia suffering from obesity and Agostino, who did not spare a kilo.

How can this difference? The key is the percentage of body fat each, he explains the specialist.

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How to lose weight alone

weight loseIf you want to lose weight, it may be best to seek the help of professionals – is that link researchers at Baylor College of Medicine (USA).

According to the study, published in October without the American Journal of Medicine, people who participated in weight-loss programs lost more weight than those who have tried to lose weight on their own. In the study, 300 men and women were divided into two groups.

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Easy exercises for a flat belly

Slim ballyThe abdominal exercises are the only ones in the world that will help to really get back in shape and have a flat stomach and slender! The secret to making peace with your abs is to get them really well and increase the number gradually without overdoing it during the first few sessions. Here is the workout to do at home in a few weeks you will have the perfect belly to show off at the beach!

1. Abdominal front

Are the abdominal easier but also the most effective. Lie on the ground flexes the legs by placing his feet on the ground so that it forms an angle of about 45 °. The back is resting on the ground and there are no spaces between the back and the floor. Hands behind your neck raise the trunk of 15-20 centimeters from the ground. Continue reading “Easy exercises for a flat belly”

The Secret to have a tummy slim

SlimThe dream of Italian that you are going to pour on the beaches! How to do? Here are tips and tricks for a belly from super mode. A flat stomach in a short time: lose that little roll of flab that time seems to have chosen our belly as his favorite place is not a simple mission but neither is it impossible. You’ll just have to be very determined and you’ll knock the flab in your belly.

1. Drink, drink, drink and drink again!

Water is your best friend: moisturizes your skin making it radiant, there cleanses toxins making you feel more energetic, is the best weapon against cellulite and, to make matters worse, it is very useful to deflate your tummy! Continue reading “The Secret to have a tummy slim”

Slimming Patches

Patches weight lossA transdermal patch for weight loss is by far one of the best known methods for efficient and rapid weight loss. And contrary to what many women who want to lose weight, are skeptical of such a process unfamiliar, however, reduce the amount of the thighs or abdomen is still quite possible.

However, we must understand that there are some gotchas in spite of the advantages of this product – no one has canceled some contraindications, and, as Bud, the patch has some drawbacks.Plaster Pepper slims. It is known that red pepper is an excellent fat burner. Continue reading “Slimming Patches”