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slimming stomachWeight loss procedure is rather complicated. But if you approach it scientifically, it all seems to be clear – enough to break down ingested fats. How to do it? Since we all graduated from high school, we know – soda should prevent the absorption of fat.

And connected with this method of weight loss, which will melt more popular.Adding baking soda to a warm bath is pretty safe for your body. There are many recipes for losing weight soda bath as using a single solution with soda or with various additives.

The use of baking soda in medicine:She can gargle during cold РThis solution is a  detrimental effect on bacteria found in the tonsils.Soda is used in dental purposes Рa protection against tooth decay, because removing bacteria from the mouth, plaque from the enamel also removes bad breath.When lubricating the mouth soda can quit smoking, it causes an aversion to cigarettes.Soda solution, rinse nose and eyes, if you have a bacterial mucous membranes.Soda leads to normal acid-base balance of the body, broken toxins, free radicals. After the acidic environment in the body contributes to the appearance of kidney stones and gall bladder.

A soda contributes the medium, it brings toxins, salts, stones. A solution of soda drink if poisoned alcohol, narcotic substances.Soda helps to repay heartburn by neutralizing the acidic environment of gastric juice. But this first aid to the stomach does not affect the cause of the disease.If you use a large amount of soda solution will get laxative effect applied to output from intestinal worms.Pain and redness will burn quickly if the damaged site you attach a cotton swab soaked in a soda solution

Spa slimming and soda:The most correct solution – the use of baking soda to the bath.In the bathroom you need to take 0.5 kg of sea salt, baking soda, three hundred grams. The course – ten baths a day mode.The water temperature in the bathroom – 37 – 39 degrees.The residence time in the bath – twenty minutes.During one visit to the bathroom, you can lose weight by two kilograms, but this effect is due to the withdrawal of fluid from the body. And really, you can lose weight by only three hundred grams.How useful soda bath? They contribute to the relaxation of the human body, man gets rid of fatigue, relieves tension, and contribute to the revitalization of the cleansing of the lymphatic system.

With the adoption of soda baths from the body leaving the accumulated toxins, radionuclides, negative energy.Also, with the help of a soda have normal metabolism, responsible for fat storage.Contraindications to take soda baths: diabetes taking a bath with great care before consulting with a physician, cardio – vascular system.It is necessary to monitor the temperature of soda bath for weight loss, because the larger it is, the faster will go cleansing. Also note: the high temperature water in the soda bath leads to dizziness, fainting. Try not to sweat heavily, especially when taking a bath in the first half.

After the bath, do not wash with water, t. To. Toxins and waste products are removed from the body through sweat, just wrap it in a towel or a bathrobe and lie in bed for 30 minutes.

Baths with soda will be more effective if added to the water essential oil. Then increase the speed and fat digestion, elimination of toxins, you will lose weight, increase energy body. However, the oil must be chosen with care, t. To. Many of them lead to allergies, high blood pressure.

If you need an anti-cellulite effect, apply orange oil, lemon oil a maximum of five drops, grapefruit oil, juniper oil, mint oil, green apple oil, cinnamon oil. But remember that the orange oil lowers blood pressure, so gipotonikam need to apply it with great caution.Also, taking a bath with baking soda helps to remove stretch marks, rashes on the skin, cellulite.Using bath with soda diet, you will soon change the size of clothes, do not become lose weight using diet.Heat affects blood pressure. When you are immersed in warm water, there is an expansion of blood vessels, pressure drops, and then, when the body starts to overheat, the heart contracts strongly and often. You lose fluids and the body is a slight dehydration, therefore, a person suffering from cardio – vascular diseases can happen hypertensive crisis. Especially at high risk for people with a history of vascular dystonia: may feel dizzy in the bathroom, it may be strong headache, a person can lose consciousness.

You can not take a bath soda people with benign tumors, malignant tumors, fibroids. After exposure to heat accelerates the growth of various tumors.Baths with soda should not be used during pregnancy because of the risk of miscarriage, preterm birth risk.Lactation,the presence of open wounds on the body;the presence of skin diseases;idiosyncrasy soda.

Indications to take soda baths:the need for weight loss for eight – ten kilos in a short time;if you can not follow a diet due to a health condition or you have no will power;If you’re stressed, and you eat a lot in this regard;if you love to take a bath

Proper nutrition for weight loss using baths with baking soda:The course is decision-soda baths need to be combined with proper nutrition.How to eat properly?Breakfast: two boiled eggs, lettuce.2nd breakfast: one medium apple.Lunch: a bowl of soup with a slice of black bread.Snack: curd.Dinner: vegetables except potatoes, beef.Breakfast: porridge with the addition of any fruit, or cottage cheese with fruit.2nd breakfast: ¬Ĺ packs of low fat cottage cheese.Lunch: vegetable stew with mushrooms.Snack: one orange is medium in size.Dinner: vegetables except potatoes, chicken or fish.

Correct eating you will lose weight quickly. Taking a bath with soda and eating properly you will quickly throw off the weight.We all know that baking soda can neutralize the acidity of the stomach, but to use this extra tool you can very rarely, when the hand is absolutely no drugs.What for you may end receiving soda as a drink for weight loss?This is elementary – remember the school curriculum: getting into the soda can in no way affect the body weight. Soda solution absorbs just the acidic environment of the stomach, disrupting or inhibiting the process of digestion!Regular use of a solution of soda causes diseases of the stomach and the aggravation of various chronic processes.Therefore, diet soda ingested less useful for weight loss than baths with soda for weight loss.Remember, no easy means to acquire the normal figure, and there are methods of efficient, effective, require time, patience and willpower.Do not count on easy weight loss with the help of soda, tangible results you get.As you can see, baking soda for weight loss – is not a myth, but a real truth, confirmed by science. The properties of this unique product area magic, if you stick to the rules on the use of soda and take into account contraindications.

Medicinal properties of baking soda:Soda is capable of phlegm, it needs to dissolve 1 tsp Soda in a glass of boiling milk and taken at night. Also, you can make soda inhalation: it needs to be diluted 1 tablespoon baking soda in a liter of boiling water.Runny nose: you can bury in the nose soda solution. You can wash the nose should be instilled into the nose 2 pipette soda solution, and after a couple of minutes to blow his nose. This procedure should be repeated 2-3 times a day.Conjunctivitis: when it is necessary to wash the eyes soda. But, to use every time a new wool.Soda helps to get rid of heartburn and stomach pains. She quickly removes excess stomach acid. However, with the regular use of it gastric acid can increase. Therefore, before using soda, talk to your doctor.

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