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ginger for health

Ginger tea is useful in cold weather – it warms the body. Ginger tea is useful during epidemics of influenza and colds binge – it boosts the immune system and helps the body to fight viruses. Ginger tea is always useful as a prophylactic and therapeutic, for almost all ailments .

How to make ginger tea

Ginger with lemon – the easiest and most affordable way. The purified ginger root growth .Enough of one teaspoon minced ginger.

Rub it with a slice of lemon you can add sugar to taste and pour boiling water. Let stand and cool to a comfortable temperature. The drink obtained is very spicy, pungent, pleasant.

Ginger Green tea – is effective for colds, sore throat. Tea leaves pour hot water required temperature depending on the type of tea. Separately, make the following mixture: grated ginger 1 tsp., 3 PCs. Cloves, a few cloves of lemon to taste. After 10 minutes, mix the tea brew with boiling water filled with a mixture of ginger and others. Ingredients, strain the resulting drink. Drink a bit of sugar with honey.

The classic recipe for ginger tea. In this case, the root is cooked. A piece of ginger, approximately 5 cm long peel and cut into thin slices or grate. In boiling water, pour the crushed ginger and simmer for 10 minutes. At the end of cooking, you can add a pinch of black pepper. As a remedy for the common cold, this tea is very good. Getting drunk this tea, add a slice of lemon juice or ΒΌ of the lemon or orange. Drink better with honey.

Tea with ginger and mint. Grated ginger 1 tsp., A few leaves of mint, lemon balm and other useful herbs thyme, for example pour boiling water. Lemon added as desired. Allow the brew and drink with honey.

To tea with ginger was useful

There is a limit, of which it is desirable to keep in mind – avoid drinking ginger tea with sugar especially if it includes having grass and tea leaves. Better with honey, dried fruit.

If you cannot do without sugar, use the following recipe: Mix in three-liter jar of 750 g of sugar with 200 ml of water and 200 g of honey. Within 8 days, the mixture will wander, you need a few times during the day to stir the contents of the banks wooden spatula. During the fermentation of sucrose, which prevents the absorption of calcium and magnesium, it disintegrates under the influence of the honey and water to fructose and glucose. And it will be a different product. This syrup can be added to tea without fear.

Inger slims

Ginger is a leader among the products for weight loss. And no wonder, ginger for many thousands of years of praise as the root of health and beauty.

The genus includes 80 species of ginger, and some of them are edible. In the food consumed root zerumbet ginger Zingiber zerumbet.

In India and Thailand, used as a spice, ginger rhizome magenta Zingiber cassumunar; it possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The northernmost of the ginger, Japanese Zingiber mioga, grown for its edible flower buds and fragrant shoots.

In Japan, the finely divided Myogit flower buds are used as a garnish for miso soup and some grilled vegetables.

In Korea, ginger from kidney strung interspersed with pieces of meat, roast barbecue.

Ginger – is a wonderful escape for those who want to get rid of superfluous kilograms.

Ginger root half consists of carbohydrates, it also contains 4% fat, essential amino acids tryptophan, threonine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, Valine, vitamins A and C, vitamins of group B, iron, sodium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium , potassium, calcium. The strong flavor of ginger provides essential oil in its rhizome 1.2-3%, and for burning taste meet resinous substances and their main component gingerol.

Essential oil contains sesquiterpenes, mainly tsingiberen and borneol, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory action. Biologically active components of essential oils to stabilize the internal secretion of the stomach and speed up metabolism. Because of these properties of ginger helps to lose weight.

Gingerol has antipyretic, analgesic and expectorant properties. It reduces the nausea, whatever it was called – motion sickness, pregnancy or toxic substances, such as chemotherapy, relieves patients with migraine and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, ginger tones, relieves spasms and stomach cramps. In the Middle Ages, Europeans believed this spice effective means for the prevention of plague.

The presence of general helps stimulate the body’s blood circulation and metabolism. The body is heated as it, which leads to a significant decrease in weight.

Many people use to lose weight only ginger root, although the leaves are no less valuable.

You can lose weight and keep the body in the form of ginger contains vitamins A and C – for the blood and immune system, vitamins B1 and B2, are responsible for the condition of hair, skin and nervous system. In addition, the tables contained niacin group of essential amino acids, trace elements – calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc and iron.

The most proven and effective means of weight loss is a tea with ginger.

Properly prepared beverage toxins from the body, as well as struggling with excess weight.

Tea can be prepared from fresh root and can take ginger powder.

Cooks tea snaps: cut strips of ginger, cover with boiling water and steep.

For best results, brew and steep the tea in a thermos.

This infusion is effective for half an hour before a meal.

Excess fluid and toxins from your body go in the fastest time possible.

The tea will speed up your metabolism, improve blood circulation – this will lead to active burning fat.

Do not expect instant results. Ginger can help you lose those extra pounds, if used for a long time.

Therefore, be patient, and drink this balm with an incredible aroma of a few months.

The result will not make you wait: you’ll not only improve your health, but will become much slimmer.

The weight will go away slowly, but surely.

It is necessary to experiment and add to tea and other herbs: lemon balm, mint, chamomile. Lemon ginger tea or honey will also help to loss weight.

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