The benefits of fiber

FitnessFirst of all, I must say that the fiber a coarse indigestible part of the plant, which is a group of complex carbohydrates. However, it is necessary for the proper operation of the body, especially for the functioning of the digestive system.

Fiber acts like a brush, collecting and evacuating from the walls of the intestinal mucus and stimulating peristalsis of the body.

 As a result, adjusted digestion, metabolism is accelerated and, consequently, improves not only the internal organs, and the skin, hair and nails. In recent years, the benefits of tissue tell those who seek to lose weight.

And worthy of attention as fruits and vegetables, the skin of which is rich in this substance, and bran. Bran – a byproduct of the manufacture of flour, grain shell. If you believe nutritionists, they are extremely useful for the organism. The fiber in the bran normalizes intestinal microflora and blood sugar levels, prevents diseases of the digestive system, lowers cholesterol and promotes weight loss. Furthermore, there is a plurality of grain shell vitamins B1, B2, B6, PP, E, provitamin A, as well as trace elements magnesium, potassium, copper, zinc, chromium, selenium.

By the use of a conventional bran superior loaf of bread!But, how fiber affects the weight loss? In addition to cleansing the colon and normalize the digestive tract, it has other properties. Thus, added to soups or milk product bran swell. Fill the stomach, they quickly give a feeling of fullness. And you can forget about hunger by at least half a day – fiber, as a complex compound is digested slowly, causing a sudden release of insulin into the bloodstream.

Please be aware that fiber is not contrary to the myths has fat burning properties. It only fills the stomach, helping to eat less and eliminate the possible cause of weight gain – a failure in the metabolism. Bran helps in the regulation of metabolic processes. Nutritionists believe that the most reliable method of using bran as follows: 2 tablespoons bran pour 2 tablespoons of warm water and leave for 5 minutes.

So bran swell to its maximum size, absorbing the liquid. After that, they can be added to any dish – you’ll use fewer calories.The proportion of fiber in the menu, you can pick up not only with the help of bran. Recommended daily eating raw fruits and vegetables, they also replace desserts and juices, and breakfast cereals have whole grains, adding a little fruit.

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