Incredible and complete metabolic breakfast

weightA metabolic breakfast is one that gives us enough to put our bodies in tune every morning energy, and that the type of calories used are of sufficient quality to use them and not become fat .

The following examples of metabolic breakfasts that we provide you are relatively simple to perform and have ingredients that are expensive. This does, it is a perfect place for those and those that do not be a / as handyman in cooking dish.

Metabolic Breakfasts

This version of metabolic breakfast has it all: a good amount of protein, high in fiber to help us fight the fat, and some jalapeno flavor thanks that we take.


½ cup beans

4 whole grain cakes

100 g of grated cheddar cheese

150 grams of spinach

¼ cup pickled jalapeno, sliced


Extend a uniform beans on each tortilla amount once we have cooked and can spread, leaving about 1 inch thick. Sprinkle the same amount of cheese and jalapenos over beans. We will put up spinach and crush hard. We can cut them into sections toasted corn, or eat them whole, as best decides.

Nutritional Value

Calories: 309

Protein: 15 grams

Carbohydrates: 31 grams

Fat: 13 grams

Metabolic Breakfast – Combine nuts

Metabolic breakfast

Possibly, this is one of the best that you can find metabolic breakfast. While having a high percentage of protein, healthy fat levels help to appease the appetite because they contain nuts. This may not seem a very tasty dish, I guarantee you will change your mind when you to try.


Walnuts 100g

100g minced beef jerky

½ cup unsalted roasted almonds

½ cup roasted unsalted cashews

¼ cup unsalted pumpkin seeds without shell


We will place all ingredients in a large bowl and remove you to combine. Divide the mixture between and we can prepare up to 6 bread sandwiches with ingredients listed above.

Nutritional Value


311 calories

Protein: 15g

Crabs: 30g

Fat: 16 g

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