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SlimCraving for sweets with this obstacle to the ideal figure facing almost all dieters. That is a failure of the delicacy diet, and because of the huge number of simple carbohydrates and high caloric restrictions all the results are reduced to zero.

To counter the danger, it is necessary to know the answer to the question why our desire to eat dessert so much especially while dieting. Often sugar cravings due to a lack of willpower.

It is superficial, narrow minded view. In fact, the mechanism of this desire is much deeper. The cutting diet, psychological limits it is always stressful for the body. It is known that losing weight increases levels of the hormone cortisol, so it is not surprising that a person feels anger, fatigue, depression. Simple carbohydrates, which include sugar, on the contrary, provoking pleasure hormone serotonin, which explains the desire to eat some cake.

In addition, it acts postulate problems from childhood. Who of us did not give candy to comfort? So a program: Sorry – comfort food. As adults, we reiterate inherent in our system. Meanwhile, the use of monosaccharides is one of the major reasons for weight gain. Simple carbohydrates are quickly digested and converted into fat cells, causing a sharp jump and a sharp decline in blood glucose, because of what quickly comes hunger.

So resist the craving for sweets are other ways to help serotonin production.

For successful weight loss diet is recommended to combine with sports. Exercise not only promote the burning of calories, reduce body fat and tightening the skin, but also provokes the release of adrenaline in the blood. After the release of the hormone field, synthesized tryptophan, later turning into serotonin. In addition, serotonin can be synthesized in the melatonin – the hormone of sleep and circadian rhythms .

In other words, physical activity everything else is a way of regulating the hormonal status. The amino acid tryptophan, but sweet, contained in the protein product. Try to eat a piece of fish, turkey, chicken, cheese, some nuts, the desire to eat retreat. It does not help? Satisfy the need for sweet full spend the day fasting on dark chocolate. Divide 150 grams of chocolate for 6-8 receptions and eat sweet during the day. Water and tea – without limitation. You can use the process models that score well, not even a couple of kilos. Bite treat, chew, enjoy its aroma and taste and then spit. One disadvantage of this method: it is a pity the family budget.

Universal way not to keep the house sweet at all alas, does not work. Sweets are not rashochetsya, stress levels will not decrease, so do not be surprised if you find yourself at 2 am standing in the convenience store with a cart full of ice cream.Fruits dietary food should be somewhat limited because they contain fructose. However, because of the low calorific value and a large amount of vitamins and minerals, fruits a necessary part of a healthy diet, can satisfy the desire to eat sweets. But make fruit unfit acid dessert cause the fermentation process.

It is best to have them on the lunch or afternoon tea. Avoid low fat products instead of fat in them, add sugar. Also, do not add artificial sweeteners. Some of them are dangerous to health, and everything increase sugar cravings.But nutritionists believe that the refusal from sweet not necessarily a step quite reasonable limits. At least once a week, indulge yourself a favorite dessert. The students and knowledge workers all sweetness and necessary – glucose stimulates the brain and improves cognitive abilities.

If you need sugar so that your mood is constantly reduced and the thrust is not regulated by any means, you need to turn to a psychologist, a nutritionist or physician. Perhaps your condition is due to ill health of the endocrine or nervous systems. In this case, a thorough investigation and treatment.

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