Exercises for essential back

fatThat our routine is composed with e exercises for the back is important to make our body. They are an important muscle from aesthetically and functionally, so we know how to train it. Then you have some back exercises that should be in all our training programs.

Back Exercises – You Chin

When you see someone with a big back, I can guarantee that has little to do with box jumps. The dominated and rowing are two of the best builders in muscle mass in the back. Works shoulders, biceps and grip strength in being a movement that has so many different varieties, never be bored.

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Dominated Bar              

Back Exercises – Deadweight

Sumo deadlight, deadlight conventional deficit dead weight, there are a lot of possible variations. The back not only functions antagonistically to stabilize the torso because it also serves to lock the weight when we finished the move.

Back Exercises

Back Exercises – Ramos

Most people do this exercise with too much weight and either pull the weight too limited upward movement to be too upright. To get the best possible performance this year, we keep the trunk as close to the ground, and being parallel, keeping your back in neutral.

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Ramos with bar

Back Exercises – hyperextensions

It takes as targets erector muscles, hamstrings and gluts. We must remain neutral and try not to overextend the body, avoiding hiperflexionar lower back. The head must also remain at an impasse regarding the back. We may supplement this movement with a variety of different material such as kettle bells, medicine balls or dumbbells.

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