The best ways to lose fat

fatMany of us we aim to lose fat and look better aesthetically, especially now that summer is approaching. It may be that we have found a system that helps us to lose fat in antiquity, but are you sure it could not be better? In this article, we are going to give five ways in which we can optimize the process of losing fat.

Lose fat – not just a matter of calories

Yes, it is true that eating fewer calories will help you lose body fat, but you can actually make better progress if we choose foods macronutrient profile that suits our needs. Continue reading “The best ways to lose fat”

Barbell with supine grip

fatThe barbell with supine grip used to work the last, as well as help to exercise your biceps and back muscles of the shoulder. The ridges are one of the biggest muscles in the back of the body and cover most of the upper body of our body.

The barbell with supine grip, is responsible for generating the necessary help to gain strength in the movement to pull us in power output. In addition, you can vary the grip, opening a little more or less, to exercise different parts of the back and shoulders.

Barbell with supine grip Continue reading “Barbell with supine grip”

Shoulder Exercise

fatThe congestionador, is the name given to a particular type of exercise for shoulder serving as the same suggests, to accumulate the highest number of blood to the muscle can to try to increase its size.

The congestionador, in short, is a combo exercise because it is not a typical movement as such, but a combination of Cuban press with dumbbell military press made so that our shoulders end up burning for work received.


How congestionador done? Continue reading “Shoulder Exercise”

Salsa protein with few calories

dietCarbohydrates are an output that is usually taken when we want to paste a whim, and if the types of carbohydrates you choose are covered with some kind of sauce. Not everything is in the selection of crabs, since there is has the same contribution oats a palm of chocolate.

But besides that, you also can find certain types of food that a priori may appear to be of dubious quality and are more nutritionally complete than we can think. Not only that, it can also be a matter of applying an adequate amount of that ingredient, without abuse. Continue reading “Salsa protein with few calories”

The final abate

fatLong time ago that you do not bring you a abate training exercises at home. Actually, I wanted to resume them again, because it is a form of very rapid training and quite effective to help lose weight and get in shape.

Every day, there are more trouble finding a place with so many responsibilities that we accumulate every day, so it is important to get formulas supine and training methods that allow us to work out in no time. The abate, is a perfect way to get because they are circuit training that are completed in a short time and does not consist of many years, so it is easy to understand. Continue reading “The final abate”

Surprising ways to get abs

fatYou have been working hard, pounding your muscles to make them grow, and being faithful to a particular meal plan to reduce fat corpora l. Even just to get abs, you have stopped going out with friends to avoid not eating healthy and that this could hinder achieving your objects.

But even so you are able to get abs. What is happening? It could be that your body is retaining water. Yes, the subcutaneous fluid stored in our cells, is causing our skin to have an inflated appearance, and ultimately, to cover any possibility of taking abs. Continue reading “Surprising ways to get abs”

Push-side with knees pulled

dietThe push-supported shoulder knees are a simpler exercise is done without knees pulled variant. Obvious, right? But the usefulness perform this way flexes shoulder to knees supported, is that people who are unable or do a repeat or do very little and go to make a abate or a circuit that we need to handle the exercise with some ease, can adapt the training exercise.

Push-side with knees pulled

How flexes shoulder with knees supported performed?

To run squats shoulder to knees supported, first, we put ourselves upside down, resting his knees and feet on the floor. We’ll open arms pretty much what you normally would do to make common pectoral bending. The most advanced also will post more, to allow head down to do the exercise. Continue reading “Push-side with knees pulled”

Tips to lose weight fast

dietTo lose weight, you need to follow a specific diet, exercise and let us try to sleep enough hours in the day. Well, these are the most important aspects that must be controlled to achieve tangible results when it comes to weight loss. But there remains, that there are always some tricks or formulas that can serve during this process. Hence, in this article we let 6 tips to lose weight fast that I can serve as a support to your usual schedule.

Tips to lose weight fast – Forget the past and the future

Great progress is lost when you think about all the times I’ve tried to do, as the subject of losing weight is something that is often recurrent in many people. If we are not able to curb the thoughts of the past, will be difficult to pull forward. Similarly, constantly putting our goals, we will not get anything. Continue reading “Tips to lose weight fast”

Tips for losing weight more effective

fatLosing weight is one of the objectives that more people pursue in modern societies. It is not easy, by many people get to lose weight and keep getting this loss long enough. In the following article, we are going to give the necessary keys to losing weight through these effective tips.

Weight Loss Tips – The cardio

Cardiovascular exercise is an excellent idea to sustainable weight loss over time. Running, swimming, cycling or kettle bells, they may be activities that will help us achieve our goals much earlier, and that help tone and strengthen our muscles. Continue reading “Tips for losing weight more effective”

Weakness Back

exerciseThe back is one of the muscles to which more attention we pay if we want a flashy body and is really strong. The back, work it is important to know it well, because not everything is to properly build. Like all muscles, have parts of the back that are more developed than others and some therefore, we identify how we can improve.

Back – Improving it from the aesthetic point of view

To improve the back from the aesthetic point of view, we perform a series of exercises that help us to widen it, give it thickness and strengthen it. To get the form in V, the open dominated the snatch grip deadlight and paddles are fundamental. Continue reading “Weakness Back”