Benefits and Harms

fatPicnic season is open, and what picnics without kebabs? Tradition – our all, so we run together to buy meat, marinate it and cook on the nature in the circle of relatives and friends. However, as we think about the benefits and harms of kebabs? And reflect it?

By law, meanness than delicious food, the less useful it is. The same law also works in the case of the barbecue.

Hazardous properties kebab:

If we talk about the barbecue, then you need to say about carcinogens substances that provoke cancer that are contained in the vapors formed in contact with fat on hot coals.Substance namely Benzedrine rise up on the pieces of meat enter and settle on them. Unfortunately, beloved by many dark Re-fried crust also contains carcinogenic elements.

If you’re not fry the meat, then it will remain a variety of infections, E. coli, causing goiter.

Who and what kebabs are contraindicated:

Hard to digest mutton better not try those who have problems with the stomach and intestines.People suffering from ulcer disease and liver disease should not eat barbecue with sharp spices, ketchup and lemon juice.

Any meat soaked in yogurt, caution should be used for people with unsustainable levels of acidity, as they can wait for heartburn and bloating. In addition, the meat should not drink wine: meat can slowly break down and be absorbed, which again can lead to indigestion.

Doctors do not recommend often have barbecues for people suffering from kidney disease, and the elderly.

How to minimize the harm kebabs:

On the day of the picnic in the morning does not lean on fast crabs – after a while they will provoke an acute sense of hunger, and you can overdo it with a kebab usually advised to eat no more than 200 grams of barbecue in one meal.

Properly marinate meat! Qualitative marinade, especially acidic, is protection against carcinogens certainly not one hundred percent protection, but the meat is thoroughly soaked in the marinade, just less carcinogenic, from microbes and banal poisoning in fact harmful microorganisms do not live in an acidic environment.

Barbecues better fry on wood rather than coal. In addition, the cook at the stake should be after 20-25 minutes after using lighter fluid to pair it had burned.

If you can not spicy, replace ketchup, spices and lemon juice or tomato sauce pomegranate juice.

Generally vodka paired with barbecue detrimental effect on the liver. However, for better digestion of fats you might as well drink vodka kebab, but the dose is not more than 100 grams. Of alcoholic beverages skewers better drink dry red wine. Many barbecue washed down with plain water, it is better than soda, but it dilutes the gastric juice, causing food is digested is not as intense.

To reduce the harm char grilled meat, eat with him any green vegetables and fresh herbs cilantro, dill, parsley, wild leek, lettuce.

Not snack meat tomatoes – they contain substances that may slow down the digestion of protein.

Skewer should not be accompanied by the same heavy snacks – sausage, cold cuts, sprats, which are rich in salt and fat.

Useful properties of barbecue:

It is believed that properly cooked barbecue reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and arthritis.

Meat, well cooked on the coals, retains more vitamins and minerals that are useful to man than the usual grilled meat.

In meat, cooked over charcoal, less calories than fried. By the way, this kebab – it is quite a dietary meal, as it is baked, not fried.

To say that there are special kebabs useful properties, it is difficult, but if you follow the principles of their correct use, as described above, at a minimum, kebabs will not cause significant harm to your health.

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