Benefits and Harms

fatPicnic season is open, and what picnics without kebabs? Tradition – our all, so we run together to buy meat, marinate it and cook on the nature in the circle of relatives and friends. However, as we think about the benefits and harms of kebabs? And reflect it?

By law, meanness than delicious food, the less useful it is. The same law also works in the case of the barbecue.

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The Most Dangerous Diets

weightIn an effort to lose weight women show incredible courage and willpower. We are not afraid of even the toughest diet, the main thing – the result. But why should we be thin, but the sick? Let’s define with what diet is necessary to accurately send the black list because of the harm they can cause.

Mono diet – a power supply system in which the allowed use of any one product within a few days in a strictly limited quantity. The most famous mono-diet – is buckwheat, kefir, apple, chocolate, rice, cabbage. Lighter mono-diet can be diluted with 1-2 additional products. Continue reading “The Most Dangerous Diets”

Organic foods

fatWhen, thanks to the progress, you can create anything you want, if not always useful when talking about nutrition of course, that the pendulum needs sooner or later met net in the opposite direction: so we want to useful organic products. Such a desire is satisfied

What is biopitanie?

Biopitanie – is to eat organic products organic products, which are manufactured without the use of or with minimal of synthetic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, growth regulators, artificial food additives and without the use of genetically modified foods. Continue reading “Organic foods”

Seizes stress without harm to the figures

dietMany of us gain weight because nervous often at work. After all, as soon as there are problems, just want to eat a piece of cake or a small chocolate bar. As a result, hello, soothing and extra pounds. But we offer you a list of what you can console yourself without harm to the figures.

Wholegrain bread

They are a source of B vitamins, essential for mental health.

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Tip of the Day from the refuse sweet

fatUnder the influence of advertising, we believe in the power of sugar substitutes, so as soon as we sit down on a diet or in principle decide to do to prevent diabetes, appeal to them. But is it good for us, as we are told?

If you give up sugar in order to reduce the risk of diabetes, you probably choose natural sweeteners: fructose, sorbitol, xylitol. Their energy value is 1.5-2 times lower than that of sugar. However, slimming such sweeteners is not suitable because they have high calorie content. A sorbitol and xylitol, in addition, the excessive use causes diarrhea, and promotes the development of cholecystitis. Continue reading “Tip of the Day from the refuse sweet”

Interesting facts about pasta

fatPasta a universal product: they successfully combine with a variety of sauces, poultry, meat, fish, seafood, mushrooms and vegetables, they are the ingredients of soups and casseroles, stews of them do, and even desserts. But not only pasta Muse for cooking, but really a very useful product.

In this fact is no exaggeration, because during cooking pasta, a large number of amino acids – tryptophan, which is through the blood to the brain and is converted into the hormone of happiness – serotonin, why in the end we feel happy. Besides tryptophan improves sleep and even eliminates some forms of depression. Well, in addition to what has been said above vitamins B, which also are abundant in the pasta, to help cope with stress. Continue reading “Interesting facts about pasta”

Tip to lose weight

dietScientists have found that effective weight loss success depends on what time of day you eat the most high-calorie foods.

American scientists conducted an experiment, which involved 420 women who are overweight. Ladies offered to complete the program on weight loss in Murcia. Participating in the 20-week experiment was divided into two groups: one ate lunch ladies and three o’clock in the afternoon, and in the other – after.

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Tip to food addiction

fatSpecialists of the University of Luxembourg proved the existence depending on the food.

Several women, who participated in the study, are faced with an acute craving for food immediately after a meal. And it says according to work-related neurotransmitters: they are activated when people gamble, smoke, have sex, take drugs and eat.

State participants tested 3 hours after a meal or immediately after a meal, showing them the pictures on the computer with a meal. On some pictures were fatty or sugary foods, and some – the image is not related to food. Continue reading “Tip to food addiction”

Tip to lose weight

dietSpices help to control appetite, speeds up metabolism and eliminate toxins, so if you want to lose weight and stay in shape, be sure to add them to the diet.


This spice fresh or dried promotes the excretion of toxins and slightly raises the body temperature, which leads to faster metabolism.


He powerfully accelerates the metabolism, resulting in calories received from food, burned very intensively. In addition, this spice helps the body get rid of toxins. Continue reading “Tip to lose weight”

Tip of the Day from the X-Fit

dietBelieve that adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, however, doctor says otherwise, and health and figure professional opinion only confirm. That you do not have to deal with a similar, keep a food diary.

If you regularly write down everything that you eat, you can analyze your diet and finding out what products it a lot, but what is clearly not enough, adjust it correctly, depending on the objectives: reducing the risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases, reset or set pounds, improving immunity, etc.

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