Drugs for weight loss

fatThe fight against excess weight often turns into a protracted war with varying success. Sometimes we gain victory in a battle with the extra inches, but sometimes these centimeters are returned, and begin a new round of hostilities.

The practice of medicine, and proven that success in the fight can only be achieved by complex activities under the title – a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, numerous studies have shown that no more than 5% of the people suffering from overweight acquired as a result of its physiological changes in an organism. In all other cases, the cause – is overeating, lack of exercise, bad habits and unbalanced diet. Therefore, the search of a magical agent, which, as if by magic will save you from extra pounds, akin to fantasy, well, of course, if you are not set to go under the surgeon’s knife.

On the other hand it must be admitted that the drugs for weight loss have a right to exist, as they have efficiency. The main thing to take them in combination with physical activity.

Looking to the pharmacy, you will find a lot of drugs for weight loss, in different forms and different principles of action. Their main separation occurs on the basis of applications: for internal and external use.

There was widespread variety of slimming teas. The principle of operation is based on the laxative and diuretic action. Visible effect you can watch after about a month of use. However, it should be understood that they provide a temporary effect that passes after termination of ingestion.

Also can be found in pharmacies, so-called fat burners in pill form. True name is more similar to the advertising course, since they are not directly cleave fat. The action of these drugs is based on the acceleration of metabolic processes in the body.

The goal of any pohudatelnye technique – this loss of appetite, decreases in fatty tissue and secure the results. In this section, you can share all the preparations internal action on the following subgroups:

Drugs that suppress appetite and hunger;

Products that are designed to prevent the absorption of fat;

Drugs that help to normalize and stabilize the metabolism.

The so-called hunger suppressants cause an artificial feeling of satiety, and thus prevent overeating, which leads to the appearance of the body of excess fat and carbohydrates, later forming fat.

Preparations to prevent the assimilation of fat, act directly at mealtimes and capable of reducing the absorption of about one-third.

Stabilizing drugs help keep the metabolism in the human body at the proper level.

After all the above, we can conduct a more detailed classification of drugs for weight loss internal steps:

Anorectics. Anorectic properties of these drugs can affect the satiety center, thus preventing overeating. Their advantage is that the body gradually rebuilt under such a regime meals and later you can refuse to accept the products, while maintaining a normal diet and not to return to overeating. We can say that anorectics act by supporting the body condition of hunger, but the body did not even realize, getting a feeling of satiety. Release of these drugs is mainly in tablets and capsules.

Meal Replacements and nutraceuticals. This type is used to replace one or more meals with these drugs. They are low-calorie, contain a minimum amount of chemical and medicinal items, but it contains a balanced set of vitamins and nutrients, allowing the body without any damage to skip meals.

Tea for weight loss. Preparations of this group have a cleansing effect on the body, helps to eliminate toxins and waste by diuretic and laxative effects. Mainly produced based on natural components having such action. For example, as part of this tea you can find grass hay, cowberry leaves, etc. However, do not abuse such drugs, so as not to be addictive organism should take breaks between courses admission.

Fat. The composition of these drugs includes various fruit extracts with glory accelerators fat splitting process – for example, pineapple or South American guardant. In addition, here are the same chatoyant-based formulations, which prevent the absorption of fat when it arrives with food.

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