Diet with baking soda

weightPeople who have excess weight tend to use all known methods for weight loss, hoping to lose at least a few pounds. Sometimes they are used even funny and corny methods, as many publicized diet have no effect.

But all ingenious is simple and does not need to look for expensive methods, but rather refer to the proven and inexpensive means, one of which is baking soda – so consider some of our compatriots. Soda can be used to prepare the drink, as well as to prepare a bath for weight loss.

It may seem to some, this method too simple, but thanks to a procedure lose 1.5-2 pounds overweight.

Agree – pretty impressive effect, especially because it does not take a long time, and the procedure will last for only twenty minutes.

One course diet includes ten baths, which must be taken every other day. Unfortunately, obesity is being on fire in large quantities only after the first procedure, all the others will pick up only from three hundred to five hundred grams.

The main role in losing weight with the help of a soda method is the impact of sodium bicarbonate, and much to the dismay of many people, who firmly believes in the miraculous properties of soda, it’s worth noting that the hot water, whether adding a soda or not a person has the same effect. Such water will get rid of the extra pounds, but the very first cup of sweet tea, go back the lost weight.

Soda baths are also some danger to the human body. In the first position – the action of hot water, which can adversely affect blood pressure? Submerged vessels begin to grow, and the pressure is reduced, but the heat, the heart beats more and more, but since of the water loss can occur dehydration. The result is that people suffering from cardiovascular disease, there is the risk of hypertensive crisis.

Special risk is people with the disease as vegetative-vascular dystopia – in hot water they have a headache, and severe dizziness. Some cases even result in loss of consciousness.

Soda baths are contraindicated for people with benign and malignant tumors, as hot water is rapidly accelerates the growth of tumors. And seemingly harmless soda bath can cause treatment to a medical oncologist.

You may not use the bath with soda women who are at different stages of pregnancy – they can cause early labor or miscarriage. As in all previous cases, the contraindication is not the baking soda, namely hot tub.

Diet with baking soda

Maybe someone will seem strange, but there are people who recommend taking soda inside, adding it to drink for weight loss. A method for get readies a beverage like a pretty simple: a glass of water one teaspoon soda. The solution to many of us familiar with the childhood, since before using it washed his nose in case of rhinitis and ingested people who suffer from heartburn, had problems with the stomach and the esophagus.

But now we are talking not about the times when there was such a mass of pharmacy and buy a cure was quite problematic. We’re talking about how it may affect diet soda on our shape, and whether this technique gives results?

People who use diet soda, it is advised to remember the days when our grandmothers used when washing dishes baking soda, which helps get rid of greasy deposits. They believe that the human body does not allow soda absorbed fat that appears in its original form.

The case of each of us to believe this theory or not. But here nutritionists deny this truth as soda for weight loss, which refers to the food and soda ash – these are two different chemical elements. And, of course, their impact on the body can not be the same. They believe that the beneficial effect of soda on your body weight – is not nothing but a made-up fact.

Drink containing soda, just contributes to the creation in the human body is not very acidic, thus there is a violation of proper digestion of food. Do not expect that it promotes digestion of fats does not, as the main location for their absorption – is the small intestine. And remember that the constant use of water with soda causes stomach disease.

Weight loss method using soda once again makes us wonder: is it possible to lose weight without putting much effort? The answer is obvious – to gain extra pounds is easy, but getting rid of them is already more difficult. So do not think that you can eat everything, keep hypo dynamic lifestyle and have a beautiful, shapely figure. And do not rely on it!

And remember, choosing a diet, be sure to ask about all of its contraindications, consult your doctor, hand over the necessary tests, and only then make a decision – to follow it or not.

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