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fatOne can hardly meet the young lady who would not like to see next to a slender and well-groomed man. Caring wife can not be indifferent to what life is her beloved husband.

However, all attempts to teach a man to nutrition often end in failure, and he still starts to rapidly gain weight.

Some ladies still manage to send their loved ones in the right direction, to persuade them to start walking to the pool and gym. But with all diets is somewhat more complicated, because to them the men are wary and even hostile.

It is important to understand that being overweight – is not only an aesthetic problem, because it can provoke the emergence and development of various ailments. The most common cause of obesity becomes a stress and a variety of experiences. On prolonged tension body responds that begins to store fat, creating a fat envelope, which over time only increases.

Before you begin to persuade wife to follow any diet for men, you must first find out what caused the appearance of extra pounds. Try to talk with a loved one, to find out what was bothering him. Perhaps he had the difficult situation at work or worried about the problems in family relationships.

It is important to show tact and patience, because men, how strong and confident they would neither seemed to be very much in need of understanding and support. Your task – to cheer up a loved one, to comfort him, to instill in him the belief that all must be adjusted. Only after he calms down and begin to think about the good, the extra weight will cease to be added, and eventually – and did leave.

If you can establish trust and warm relationship with her husband, it’s a 70% success rate, because the harmony of the soul – the first significant contribution to the recovery. Only then can proceed to the next step and offer the couple began to live a more active life.

Would be great if you buy a joint ticket in the pool or a sports club. If at the initial stage, he showed no desire to attend one of these schools, start to go there yourself. Probably, your successes and achievements will not leave indifferent wife, and eventually he wants to match his trim and slim wife.

If you stick to a rigid diet and want her husband to follow your example, it is better to give up the idea. Try to choose the most soft power system that would allow to gradually losing weight without suffering from severe limitations. Men are much more sensitive to strike hard, so try to treat her lover with understanding.

For a diet for her husband can find some pretext, for example, approaching the sea trip or an important celebration. A loving husband does not want to upset his wife, therefore, likely to answer yes.

As for diet, try to pick up a set of products, which would contain a minimal amount of fat and at the same time was rich in vitamins. Be sure to include lunch in the daily menu. This can be a low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese or yogurt.

If your husband is still refusing to make concessions and does not want to stick to a diet, it’s time to let the deal heavy artillery. Start defiantly enjoys photos of famous actors with tightened figure, with her husband compliments familiar men who watch over his body. Of course, the first spouse starts to get angry and annoyed, but over time will still understand that in order to keep your attention, he needs to take care of its appeal.

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