Drugs for weight loss

fatThe fight against excess weight often turns into a protracted war with varying success. Sometimes we gain victory in a battle with the extra inches, but sometimes these centimeters are returned, and begin a new round of hostilities.

The practice of medicine, and proven that success in the fight can only be achieved by complex activities under the title – a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, numerous studies have shown that no more than 5% of the people suffering from overweight acquired as a result of its physiological changes in an organism. In all other cases, the cause – is overeating, lack of exercise, bad habits and unbalanced diet. Therefore, the search of a magical agent, which, as if by magic will save you from extra pounds, akin to fantasy, well, of course, if you are not set to go under the surgeon’s knife. Continue reading “Drugs for weight loss”

Diet on glycemic index

weightDiet on glycemic index is considered one of the most popular and at the same time simple. In order to forget about Lichen weight, just enter some limitations in your diet that is not to consume foods with a high glycemic index.

This diet is to replace simple carbohydrates complex, since the first instantly absorbed by the human body, causing first increase in blood sugar levels, then it is very sharp jump down. This in turn leads to the so-called false hunger. As a result, often eating simple carbohydrates, we observe the deposition of fat on the thighs and abdomen. Complex carbohydrates are the same, it must be said, are digested very slowly, and they do not cause spikes in blood sugar and therefore a feeling of satiety in humans last much longer. Continue reading “Diet on glycemic index”

Garcinia Cambodian

dietThe choice of means for weight loss in the first place should pay attention to their ingredients. A positive aspect is the presence in the composition of natural extracts and herbal extracts, since the chemical compositions may be less effective as malicious and have on the irreversible effects

Recently, on everyone’s lips – Garcinia Cambodian. About this plant is referred to as a wonder drug for weight loss. But as often happens, they all say, but few people know what is it like it is and how useful and effective is actually. Continue reading “Garcinia Cambodian”

Diet for husband

fatOne can hardly meet the young lady who would not like to see next to a slender and well-groomed man. Caring wife can not be indifferent to what life is her beloved husband.

However, all attempts to teach a man to nutrition often end in failure, and he still starts to rapidly gain weight.

Some ladies still manage to send their loved ones in the right direction, to persuade them to start walking to the pool and gym. But with all diets is somewhat more complicated, because to them the men are wary and even hostile. Continue reading “Diet for husband”

Magic Diet

fatFood in human life plays an important role. It can bring both benefit and harm.Variety of products used by man for food, led to what has been created a lot of various dishes with different recipes.

Even in ancient times people knew about the magical properties of certain foods and dishes. In their magical rites many shamans and priests used certain foods and drinks, to achieve the specific results. Ancient healers piously believed that if a man will stick to the magical power system, over time it will turn out to be the proprietor of magical abilities.

This diet is improved and passed various tests for a long time. As a result of this book was published, which was described in detail as much as possible the principle of magical power. Published this book a few centuries ago. Continue reading “Magic Diet”

Diet with baking soda

weightPeople who have excess weight tend to use all known methods for weight loss, hoping to lose at least a few pounds. Sometimes they are used even funny and corny methods, as many publicized diet have no effect.

But all ingenious is simple and does not need to look for expensive methods, but rather refer to the proven and inexpensive means, one of which is baking soda – so consider some of our compatriots. Soda can be used to prepare the drink, as well as to prepare a bath for weight loss.

It may seem to some, this method too simple, but thanks to a procedure lose 1.5-2 pounds overweight. Continue reading “Diet with baking soda”

The cause of excess weight

dietTen-year research dietitians were not in vain. Science allows us to not only determine how different foods affect health, but also to study their property on the body in more detail, namely, at the molecular level.

For the normal functioning of all major organ systems and man our body needs sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals – not only of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Today, many foods are composed of fat and believe that fat is applied to the body only harm is wrong. They complete a variety of functions, is an brilliant source of energy, protecting the body from hypothermia, damage to internal and external bodies. Continue reading “The cause of excess weight”

Beskrahmalnaya diet

fatThe problem of excess weight today, unfortunately, is familiar to many women. There just diet and nutrition, nutritionists or come up today!

Some diets really are both safe and effective, while others simply do not prove the right to exist. In this article, we will tell you about beskrahmalnuyu diet.

It is well known that starch – the main source of carbohydrates. A food which contains starch is sufficiently severe. Therefore, the employ of large amounts of food containing the starch leads to various problems with the gastrointestinal tract as well as to excess weight. Continue reading “Beskrahmalnaya diet”

Diet Helena Baykova

weightElena Baykova currently holds the post of head of the department of psychotherapy specialized medical center Dr. Bormental.

Over the past 12 years, the specialist psychotherapist and PhD closely involved in the decision problem of overweight faced by her patients.

Diet Helena Baykova or rather, it has developed a technique to get rid of food addiction has helped tens of thousands of people to find desired proportions. Continue reading “Diet Helena Baykova”

Diet on body type

fatAchieve the desired results from compliance with different diets can be, if we strictly abide by all its rules and have good willpower.

But it often occurs that, no matter how much the woman is not session on a diet, the extra beat will not want to leave it. And the obsession is that the chosen diet will probable not fit the method of her figure. And if you choose up a diet properly, you will succeed.

There are four types of figures in women: hourglass, pear, banana and apple. In order to understand what type of your figure, simply calculate the ratio of waist-to-hip ratio. Let’s look at the results:The resulting ratio is less than 0.45 – the type of shape banana,

Ratio in the range from 0.65 to 0.75 – hourglass

Coefficient of more than 0.75 – you figure type apple. Continue reading “Diet on body type”