Secrets to gain weight without weights

fatSecrets to gain weight without weights

Eating fattening foods will increase your weight, but this will consist mainly of fat. If you want to gain weight without getting fat, you must establish a healthy diet and exercise regime effective in your lifestyle. No need to spend money on a gym because there are exercises you can do at home, without using weights.

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To gain weight, you must consume more calories than you burn each day. A good technique to increase your intake of calories is to eat frequently. Eating each three hours, up to six meals a day is ideal.

You eat frequently, will make it easier to eat more calories, as a substitute of eating three large meals a day. By multiply your weight in pounds by 20, you can find out the minimum amount of calories you should consume daily to gain weight. Get carbohydrate foods like brown rice, whole wheat bread, potatoes, couscous and produce enjoy incline proteins like chicken and fish. Choose unsaturated fats like olive oil over saturated fats.


Build muscle will help you gain weight because muscle weighs more than fat. Calisthenics are exercises you can do at home, using the fight of your own body weight, increasing muscle mass, and can also make you stronger and more energetic. The exercises include squats exercises, push ups, lifting calf, lunges and crunches. After exercising, always give the muscles a day off, so they can recover before being retrained.

Cardiovascular Exercise

The exercises cardio, like running, biking and swimming, should be limited, if you’re trying to gain weight. Active heart rate increase metabolism and burn calories you need to maintain to gain weight. A maximum of 30 minutes of cardie, two days a week, you should keep your progress intact increased weight.

Shakes to gain weight

The shakes to gain weight are high in calories, carbohydrates and proteins, and can complement your diet. If you can not consume all the calories needed to gain weight, you can drink a shake weight gain. The best moment to drink them is during and after training.

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