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exerciseExercise is a healthy life seal, but why do not all Sprint forward to workout? There are several explanations for the eternal. Are you the master to come up with endless excuses to avoid the best your friend, welfare-enhancing physical activity?

Buying health is impossible. The formula I eat unhealthy, but I go jogging does not work. So leave musket and setout less and go. Here is information on how you can turn your Explanation of profit:

Reasons why does not move

The bad experiences:

For example:

Unpleasant memories of school physical education

Unpleasant memories of the military exercise

The first hour gym is not stimulated

Exercise the place was not comfortable


Do not let the unpleasant memories and experiences fool you. You are no longer in school or in the army. Now you can prefer the nature, time and place. The options are many. Nowadays surely suit all tastes, as well as places. Point you are new, comfortable experience richer. You can come across the new world.

If you are unsure or do not know how to pick, then:

Go with a friend to discover new species / new location

To participate in the beginner! Thus you will learn basics of the sport and this indicates if you are still enthusiastic

Check out the adult education centers, various clubs, municipal services and fitness centers in the provision of

Use as it you will surely find you a suitable species

Lack of time:

For example:

Work takes up all the time

Family life, and for all leisure

Other hobbies take leisure


Now it is time to invest in the organization, because the week is easy to find extra time when planning a schedule in advance. 2-3 hours of exercise a week in front of their own well-being is limited. This small time yes can be found in the calendar, if you so desire. Good fitness and health are also important. Prioritize things:

Try to organize your work better

Put a calendar of sports moments, when they have been cleared of the time

Move may also be in the morning or only on weekends, when the evenings are quite impossible

Every day do not need to sit in the TV / internet desk for 2-4 hours, use a 1 hour movement

Ask a neighbor, friend or older child to help and go for a walk

Move together with your children or your spouse

Will trade less frequently and buy more time, so you can find more time for yourself

A lack of money:

Physical exercise is too expensive hobby

Equipment cost too much


Consider the use of money! Could you save a little in food purchases, clothing purchases, etc.? Is it in good condition and health important to you?

Good-saving ideas:

All the equipment does not have to buy the part you can borrow or rent

The municipality, adult education centers and clubs, sports and recreation are cheap

Good procurement is. The bike, skis, poles, residence gym equipment. But only if you use them

A brisk walk or a home gym does not cost anything

The lack of opportunities:

Appropriate physical activity opening for the lack of

Sports facilities are far away from the apartment

Controlled the lack of action

Sports facilities inappropriately open


Can move anywhere. It does not require actual physical location. Related party or your own home is very fit fitness places.

Home can buy a wide range of exercise equipment in your purse by

Walking, Nordic walking, running, skiing, rollerblading, biking, etc. are great for outdoor sports.

Lack of suitable opportunities


Consult the sports facilities

Consult the sports industry for individuals

Find information on the web

Friends do not exercise


You can always move alone or may be able to manage to attract friends to join. Alternatively, you can go with a group exercise, where you can find new friends.

feeling of inferiority sports


There will always be a sport where you are brilliant.

Laziness and sloth effort


Do not hide behind the laziness. Take hold of yourself. You have many times happier when you get into the issue. Post-exercise euphoria worth the practice, as often as possible.

The disease / injury prevents


There is always a species that you can practice. Consult your doctor, physiotherapist or exercise professional.

Here are some examples:

If knee or ankle is sore, swimming, and running water are well suited for the gym or can make the upper body

If your back is sore, so in most cases it specifically to be moved and supple

If the hand is a package, so you can always jumped lower body, or go for a walk

If you can not run, can mostly bike, ski, Nordic walk or swim

Exercise does not interest me


If you have had bad experiences with exercise and you have not found the joy of movement, or their own species, you might not know where to

You’ve been missing. Try again, not open-minded! If required, use a personal trainer or sports professionals, who find just the right for you and you, inspire species.

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