Exercise Recommendations

fatBasic and fitness training complement each other

Healthy exercise is recommended to practice either as a basic exercise for 3-4 hours per week or fitness for 2-3 hours a week. Both correspond to about 1000 kcal of energy per week. Ideally, the level is reached, when the practice both basic and fitness.

Basic Exercise belong to everyday life in everyday activities, utility and commuting physical activity walking to work or trade, cleaning, snow removal, mushroom picking. This exercise improves overall health, helps in weight management and brings a good view.

Read an amateur sport, which clearly improves the health condition of the different areas: cardiovascular health or health.

Physical health effects are possible to enjoy a little low physical activity. In this case, it is the so-called health condition. Health Condition helps to cope better with everyday routines of everyday life and give the forces active recreational activities. Virility Health is, however, maintains a permanent – We encourage fitness decreases if the physical stop.

10 handy tips for everyday exercise!

1. Get Active, every step and additional operating expenses of energy.

2. Be more mobile work, Arise, often in an office chair, change the position and or stretch out your body, talking to the phone walking or stretching, go to the local meetings and writing for lunch on foot, etc.

3. Make commuting and shopping trips on foot, by bike or rollerblading, where the distance is reasonable.

4. Forget the escalators and lifts, and walk hurriedly stairs and get real-efficient workouts quite unnoticed.

5. Be inspired to clean up more capably, at least once a week.

6. Be happy enjoy the results of the work, the added bonus of feeling good.

7. Park your car in a car park in the far box.

8. Be a volunteer more active, consuming a lot of calories to work: snow exclusion, tree cutting, raking, lawn mowing, window cleaning, car washing by hand, muuttoapu etc.

9. Activate yourself, your family or a friend a few times a month: go sledding hill, swimming trip, bike ride, walk in the woods, fish, pick mushrooms, pick berries, Play with the active co-games etc.

10. Above all, do not get stuck on the couch, easy chair or on the go. Arise at least 10 minutes, stretching exercises, Walk it, liked, etc.

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