Energy consumption and fat burning myths

diet1. Vain peaceful exercise to burn fat

True, but our bodies to burn fat all the time. Each time you add any exercise, including energy expenditure and thereby increase. You are not, therefore, never lifetime in a situation where fat no return. As I said, the so-called. Fat burning heart rate movement does not mean that burn it in the same time in grams more fat than the higher move.

2. An empty stomach movement for effective fat burning

Partly true, but the body is usually correct the damage after exercise using more carbohydrates extreme. As long as you eat at slightest as much as you burn, your body stores fat to fill again.

Therefore, the use of fat for energy alone is not the answer to slimming, but created a total energy deficit is the one that counts. Exercise intensity and duration of the choice of advocates forget about fat burning techniques and prefer to think about what kind of exercise is best suited to your schedule and fitness level.

3. Grease can burn locally

This is not true. Grease can not at all reduce the methods that do not include the increase in the consumption of sweat to increase physical activity and energy intake restriction of the right diet! None of the massage and none of the electrical impulses or creams therefore can not digest fat at any point of your body. In addition, your body takes fat evenly over the body of the fat stores. If you measure yourself with a measuring tape on a regular basis, you will unearth that the differences between the various parts of the body narrowing of the range are not great. Sometimes, for example. Trunk could be narrowed down a little bit faster, but it is an issue which affects your primacy, not so much the works! As the fat melts evenly throughout the body, the last extra kilos leave where they are in the first place had the most.

4. The number of fat cells is constant

This is not entirely true. The fat cells are created more if you need them more. Old cells contract and shrink away in the end, if they are no longer needed. Loose weight permanently. Therefore, resolves: to raise your energy higher than what you eat and indeed lost about! Investing in the quality of food and move versatile! Repeat this until you have reached your desired results.

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