Define his abs and his silhouette effortlessly

fatDefine his abs and his silhouette effortlessly?

Refine her figure destroying fat cells by cold is now possible! In recent years, the cryolipose exists in the UK but it is not well known here.

The necrophiliac is a non-surgical treatment aims to eliminate fat cells located on some problematic areas of the body.

Freeze fat cells die and are eliminated through the lymphatic system of the body in a few months, says Jeff Norse, CEO beauty salons New You in  offer Cool Sculpting. On middling, a person loses about one inch per treatment and full results appear in two months, says Nurse. Most customers are active people, not overweight, but are powerless to get rid of localized fat.

How it works? An apparatus clip-shaped suction is applied to the area to be treated, for one hour. It’s cold but it’s not uncomfortable. Since fat cells freeze at a certain temperature, the procedure does not cause damage to other cells, says Norse. The treatment is more affordable than liposuction and it is a non-invasive alternative. It is only effective if you maintain your weight; if you fatten, old fat cells are replaced by new ones.

Despite a recent study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, which says that the cryolipose is safe and effective for removing fatty tissue, it’s still a new treatment and there have been no studies on the long-term effects .drop-off transom

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