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exerciseTo lose weight you have to do it thinking health first and then, in aesthetics.No skipping meals, invent useless diets or dieting or long-term negative effects miracle. You have to eat healthy, eat well and know what food there is no try.

It’s not about counting calories, but knowing what foods are healthy, which have saturated fats and should be avoided at all costs, which have too much sugar, which will eventually converted into fat and learn to eat to give your body what it needs, without excess, but without going hungry.

And above all, keep in mind that diet must be accompanied by physical exercise, otherwise the weight loss will be much slower and inconstant.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is the real fat burner. If done at the right intensity for the required time, forces the body to mobilize fat provisions, which are used as energy.

Any weight loss map require adequate aerobic exercise routines to make the body spends more energy than it consumes, which will force the fat reserves that will be used as fuel are mobilized.

Influences the type of exercise you do, the passion, frequency and other factors specific to the individual, such as genetics, which also helps in mobilizing fat to be used as energy. Dieting without exercise is not enough to lose fat.

Body-essential to burn fat

It is not uncommon to see people doing healthy diet, aerobic exercise. And that’s it. It seems that they are afraid to do bodybuilding exercises, or think it is enough with what they do.

Anyway, movie stars athletes, athletes, celebrities and other characters with slender, healthy, toned bodies. has no choice but to many bodybuilding exercises to get that figure.

The increase muscle mass causes the muscle is harder at rest. This causes the muscle needs more energy to maintain this state of tension, so that the person, increasing your percentage of muscle mass, forcing your body to work expending more energy to maintain that muscle condition.

Not you, but I know several people that take time going to the gym spinning classes and other aerobic exercises. They have excellent strength, cardiovascular fitness is enviable but their appearance is equal to before departing to the gym, not what I mean.

Lose fat, increase exercise endurance, perk up their physical condition but your muscles are weak, remain localized fat in abdomen, hips, chin and there will follow that fat to increase their percentage of muscle mass, requiring the Rescuer to be burning more energy and eliminating fat even without high-intensity aerobic exercise.

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