Tips for a Healthy and Balanced Diet

fatFood Pyramid the foods you normally eat and how and quantity in which we determine our diet.The lack or excess of nutrients, is related to the occurrence of various diseases and health harms overweight, diseases of the nervous organization, growth problems, anemia, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, influence problems, bone harms and joints, etc., hence the importance of our food as healthy and balanced as possible. Continue reading “Tips for a Healthy and Balanced Diet”

Healthy diet

exerciseTo lose weight you have to do it thinking health first and then, in aesthetics.No skipping meals, invent useless diets or dieting or long-term negative effects miracle. You have to eat healthy, eat well and know what food there is no try.

It’s not about counting calories, but knowing what foods are healthy, which have saturated fats and should be avoided at all costs, which have too much sugar, which will eventually converted into fat and learn to eat to give your body what it needs, without excess, but without going hungry.

And above all, keep in mind that diet must be accompanied by physical exercise, otherwise the weight loss will be much slower and inconstant. Continue reading “Healthy diet”

What should a healthy diet

fatFor our diet is balanced must contain at least two servings of vegetables daily, one at lunch and one at dinner; of 2-3 parts or portions of fruit a day; of 2-3 servings of protein foods per day meat, fish and eggs, low fat preference, grains or starches rich in fiber, such as pasta, rice or bread or vegetables; and avoiding foods like sugar, sweets and jams rich in sugar, sugary drinks, pastries and cakes industrial and precooked foods.

Another aspect that experts recommend is to distribute food intake throughout the day, and do so for 5-6 meals: breakfast, mid morning, lunch, snack, dinner and snack after dinner. This favors self intake and anxiety and also distributes calorie consumption throughout the day. Continue reading “What should a healthy diet”

Basic tips for healthy eating

fatNot by a thousand times is less certain: the inclusion of fruit and vegetables in the diet is essential for healthy power receptacle.Surely many of the points of the Decalogue we proposed the Spanish Society of Family Medicine in order to achieve a healthier diet do not sound new.

But if the method ┬áis well known, why it costs so much effort sometimes implement it? Eating a balanced diet is essential not only to guard the line but, more importantly, for a healthy body including the brain and cognitive development. Continue reading “Basic tips for healthy eating”

As fast weight loss safely

fatLose weight; weight loss can be very healthy if the diet or diets that are still done properly. But a diet which aims to lower many kilos in a short time may be more dangerous than some overweight. We will give you some ideas for healthy weight loss and others that will serve to maintain their ideal weight. In the future everything will be easier and faster; MIT scientists have discovered the Sirt1 protein that allows lose weight without dieting!

Before you begin:

Among the many diets to choose the most suitable for you depending on your age, profile, Apple diet etc. If you follow a strict diet consult a nutritionist or your regular doctor about the suitability for you of the diet in question. Continue reading “As fast weight loss safely”

Tips for a Good Diet

fatOften make the mistake of dieting as a tremendous effort to lose weight for a special occasion but dieting and tends to fail in the long run because you get tired and you end up leaving, or you go back to old habits after achieving your goals.

For a successful diet, the diet must be part of your lifestyle and many kilos but do not go down quickly, what matters is that you lower weight gradually and keep you at your ideal weight. Continue reading “Tips for a Good Diet”

The Top Weight Loss Tips

fatWhat to do when pressed pants? Any of fad diets? To go on the advice of a friend? Watch out! If you want to lose weight, keep in mind that not all diet tips are good. Listen to your common sense and skeptical if you show yourself regularly recommend drinking apple cider vinegar. Or if you get the advice to always eat standing. In general, these kinds of things are useless. Continue reading “The Top Weight Loss Tips”

Exercise and Fitness

dietPositive charge of exercise in the slenderness of the body of an old man.Attenuates the feeling of fatigue, decreased levels of cholesterol, and strengthens the ability to dissolve blood clots that can lead to thrombosis.

It is also highly effective in psychological disorders linked with emotions depressed.

It releases endorphin, secretions similar to morphine, produced by the brain; endorphin cushion body aches plan and facilitate feelings of pleasure and even euphoria.

Exercise is a factor of longevity that contributes to improving the quality of life in old age. Continue reading “Exercise and Fitness”

Effects on the Mind and Cognitive Function

fatIn a review in 2008 of fortification strategies to slow or reverse cognitive decline concluded that physical activity and aerobic exercise in particular, improve cognitive meaning in older adults.

Regular practice of an exercise program creates new neural networks and cognitive improvement by increasing synaptic plasticity, brain metabolism and blood circulation functions. Improved intellectual ability and academic performance in children and adolescents. In experiments with mice, exercise promotes cognitive function through the development of hippo campus dependent spatial learning and enhancing synaptic plasticity and neurosis. Continue reading “Effects on the Mind and Cognitive Function”