What fitness is fueling the appetite

fitnessFeel brutal hunger after exercise? So there is something wrong. After training with the correct load appetite reminds about themselves. If the load is picked up correctly, then you will want to have in 40-60 minutes after class, and ravenous hunger will come no earlier than a half hour. Which leads to overeating after fitness and how to get rid of this effect?

AGENT №1.  Train on an empty stomach. Pathogen №1 awaits those who are engaged early in the morning or right after work. And you, on the contrary, they were glad this circumstance, because they heard that those who want to lose weight, you can not eat for an hour before a workout? 10 years old, if not 15 back even fitness trainers really recommended to abstain from food on the eve of training. But over time it became clear that nothing useful for weight loss in this Council is not, and even the opposite – it is harmful.

What’s going on. So, you go out in the morning for a jog. By now, you have not eaten for at least 8, even 10 hours, your body has already digested previously received food and rubbed energy derived from it. At least now the blood glucose – our gasoline. But you still start moving. Whereby the working muscles? Start using fats,  they can only 5th-7th minute traffic and switch completely to them – about 20 minutes. So, now they use glycogen (carbohydrate stores), which is stored in the liver. Putting muscle to have to do it, you are squeezing carbohydrates from your own body. And when you finish a run, your body will require sweat,  so violently that porridge long to digest complex carbohydrates  you will not get from him. In the course of, or rather in his mouth will quickly digestible, simple carbohydrates – sweets, and they would probably more than you need.

How to avoid it? It’s very simple – eat. If you are engaged in the evening, after work, it is the best porridge without oil  muesli,  whole grain bread with fruit for 40-60 minutes before training. Those who go to the gym, barely getting out of bed, more difficult, because you have no time to digest breakfast. You need a food high in carbohydrates, but this, they had learned very quickly. The easiest way to drink a glass or two of fruit juice, then after 5-10 minutes you will be able to run, swim or start hiking. As an option, marmalade and marshmallow, but they certainly need to drink water. Some are perfect bananas. Try looking for your options.

AGENT № 2. Too long workout. The trouble those involved in longer half hours. Usually she awaits lovers of long hiking or cycling, as well as young mothers and dog owners who spend on my feet for 2-3 hours.

What is going on. We all know that to lose weight need medium intensity. It is during such an organism running on fats, i.e. burns them. A month later, another similar exercise becomes easy for us, we walk (swim, ride a bike) with pleasure and prolongs their time. Fat burning, but also carbohydrates. And, as in the previous case, when we finally arrive home, the body empty and requires replenishing carbohydrates. After all, without them,  he cannot maintain normal metabolism. And since the stock too fat partially wasted, hunger signals fed and fat cells. The brain requires both sweet and fat at the same time.

How to avoid? Take food with you. Somewhere between 40-60 minutes a bite in the blood start flowing carbohydrates, then the body will have no reason to panic. If you’re serious about fitness, it will be useful, special sports drinks with carbohydrates sugar, glucose, fructose. Usual sweet drinks  quench your thirst better not, if nothing else, its  noncarbonated dilute mineral water and drink no more than a glass per hour in stages. Good as the usual tea with lemon and a reasonable amount of sugar. Or honey with lemon juice diluted with water. If you just walk around and do not exercise, then take with them not drink, and the food – fruit, for example. And immediately after the walk, exercise, eat porridge with skim milk, cereal with low-fat yogurt or vegetables as a slice of lean meat – in general, complex carbohydrates and protein.

AGENT №3. Training in the cold air. Forced to go outside those long walks with the dog, jogging, riding a bike. And do not think that cold air – a frost. Excess appetite fattens at a temperature 10 0 -15 0. By the way, this group also includes training in the pool. What occurs. In a cold environment, the body expends energy not only for movement but also for the maintenance of body temperature. On the one hand it is good for sugreva used primarily fiats. And on the other, their extra expense causes the body to signal sos: Winter, bask nothing! Therefore, after exercise we feel appetite, and pulls us exclusively on fatty foods. It was with the help of the body the easiest way to restore partially lost subcutaneous stock, which protects against cold air.

And now for the voyage. At the pool or the river body freezes much faster than in air. So 45 minutes of breaststroke or aqua aerobics in water standard (+ 27º) temperature cause hunger. Because of this and winter swimming  hudeyuschego contraindicated. It provokes right set of subcutaneous fat, and walruses, which gave it its name – a direct proof.

How to avoid it? First of all, do not freeze. In order not to lose too much heat, exercise in cold air should be in hats, gloves and socks. If you are going to be lying on the street, take a carbohydrate drink (see. The previous Glaucus). And after the workout, eat carbohydrate foods with fats, otherwise the body will not rest. For example, cereal or grain bread with a little butter, a little dated or bitter chocolate.

AGENT №4. Too intensive training. The rare case, as most dieters know that excessive exercise they just cannot. Nevertheless, fans of high pulse and heavy rods can still be found. A Shock  otzanim alas couple of months, they discover the completion on the sides and wonder: How so? I have been almost like a professional athlete! Location gain?!

What is happening. The impact sports will not protect against extra pounds, if you do not follow the diet. Judge for yourself: the higher the heart rate, the more carbohydrates,  you spend per unit time. Of course, fat in 5-7 minute sessions also encouraged the production of energy, but carbs still burns a lot more. Repeats the same situation as when training on an empty stomach. The result – a brutal feeling of hunger with particularly strong craving for sweets. That’s only proper meal before training, as in the first case, this situation is not correct.

How to avoid it? The most reasonable – not train for war. But if you really, really want pozazhigat then please bring fruit. Citrus fruits, apples, kiwi fruit contain  vitamin C and fiber, they help to calm down, to awaken in you after class sweet tooth. After they eat something and lean protein, such as low-fat cottage cheese or a slice of lean meat. But, of course, it’s a tip for those who, being in good physical shape, shock work in the gym of the soul, but not for weight loss. To gain harmony, once again, this method is not suitable.

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