Unhealthy standards and self-love

Unhealthy standardsThe unforeseen news came from overseas. American artist of Russian source Nicholas Lamm has created his own version of the world famous doll, calling it a normal Linda (name changed). He also illustrated how would look real women with parameters Linda (see. Illustration).

As you know, the iconic beauty overseas have repeatedly accused it promotes complexes in young women and provokes disease anorexia.

To challenge unhealthy standards of beauty, it is printed on a 3-D printer, its version of American Beauty, modeled on the arithmetical data obtained from measurements of the 19-year old girls.

As a result of our Linda became wider in the hips, her legs and neck are shorter, smaller breasts, and feet anymore. But now it looks like most 19-year-old girls, and, it is hoped to increase the number of those who are not suffering from BDD, IEhostility to herself.

Why such a long preface? And here’s what. If you want to lose weight, put yourself realistic goals. For example, having an ending of physique, you cannot lose weight to parameters from the podium girls, even if you will cut downward your diet to 800 calories! The inevitable failure of this enterprise, especially if self-esteem is lowered, to condemn even more confidence in myself and in losing weight.

A man with low self-esteem, associating himself too high bar, does not tolerate the difficulties normally encountered in losing weight, easily frustrated and generally cease all efforts. Such a person is usually not considered an achievement getting rid of 1-2 kg per month. But probably the worst thing that these people are very reluctant to admit that being overweight – a consequence of their poor lifestyle choices. But this awareness – the first and necessary step in successful weight loss.

Exit? Increases self-esteem, working with a psychologist! With the help of a specialist to realize and believe the fact that the defeat in the struggle with being overweight is not your fault: failure – the fruit of inflated expectations, errors, improperly selected diet or training system. If you initially set yourself a realistic task, determine how its solutions and consistently implement it, the result will be required. Love yourself any, struggle for the best, consider in success – and all you get!

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